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Lionsgate Just Released a Pic of Finnick Odair and HE'S NOT WEARING A SHIRT

Lionsgate Just Released a Pic of Finnick Odair and HE'S NOT WEARING A SHIRT


MY ELOQUENCE HAS FORSAKEN ME. To borrow a phrase from you butts, "ADJSFGJHKBGGUHHHH." To borrow a second phrase, "[insert screaming noises]."  And to invent a phrase of my own—WAIT, WHAT IS THAT IN HIS HAND? IS THAT A SUGAR CUBE? BE STILL MY HEART, I THINK IT IS. WE'RE GONNA NEED TO TAKE A CLOSER LOOK. BRACE YOURSELVES.

YEP, DEFINITELY A SUGAR CUBE. Which means this is a pic from the iconic, steamy scene in which Finnick Dagger-Odair (that's his married name) teases Katniss while wearing naught but a golden fishing net tied around his waist. GULP.

When you regain consciousness and futilely attempt to stop feverishly whispering "FINNICK ODAIR, YOU SHALL BE MINE" over and over, hit the comments and tell me if the adorable Sam Dagger-Claflin (that's his married name) is living up to your impossibly high expectations of one of Catching Fire's most ridiculously good-looking, absurdly charismatic, and surprisingly complex characters.

And please stop licking your computer screen. People are starting to stare.

Finnick's casting was hotly debated, but so far, Sam is NOT letting me down. THOUGHTS?

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