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31 Ways to Initiate the "Are You My Boyfriend?" Talk

31 Ways to Initiate the "Are You My Boyfriend?" Talk

It's so awkward when you've started to date someone, but you have no idea how seriously he or she is taking it. Are we a couple or aren't we? I just want to knowwwwww! Here's how to ask:

1. “So if we ran into one of my friends, how would I introduce you?”


3. “So-and-so has just asked me on a date, and I’m wondering if we are exclusive?”

4. “I bought you a promise ring!”

5. “Your name is Nick, but I could also call you my....” (wait for them to fill in the blank).

6. “When do I meet the family?”

7. “Are we married now?”

8. “How do you feel about us kicking it up a notch in the commitment zone?”

9. “I wanna stand with you on a mountain.”

10. “I’m from planet girlfriend and you’re from planet boyfriend. Shall we make an alliance?”

11. “What is going on here? Like, between us? Because I am SUPA confused.”

12. “YOU, MINE. ME, YOURS.” *pounds chest like Tarzan*

13. “If you take 1 part me and mix it with 1 part you, will it be a relationship?”

14. “AHHHH I’M ON FIREEEEEE JK I just wanted your attention. Are we going steady?”

15. “My grandma said we were ‘going steady’ do you know what that means?”

16. “If you were on a desert island and could only eat coconuts, would we be in a relationship?”

17. “If you had a time machine but could only use it once, would we be in a relationship?”

18. “If we were animals in the zoo but you could pick which animal you would be, would we be in a relationship?”

19. “What do you mean my questions don’t make sense? They are very straightforward! If you were water, fire, or earth, WOULD WE BE IN A RELATIONSHIP?”

20. “We’re boyfriend and girlfriend. True or False?”

21. “I love diamonds and know...just throwing out some anniversary present ideas.”

22. “I heard a rumor that we were bf/gf, what do you think of that?”

23. “Hey. I want to date you exclusively. How does that make you feel?”

24. “I’m princess-in-a-relationship and you’re prince-who-she’s-in-that-relationship-with, cool?”

25. “So, should I change my Facebook status?”

26. “If I were to go on a vacation and someone was like, ‘hey, you should get your boyfriend a souvenir’ who would I be buying that for?”

27. “Can not compute. System overload. Error message. Must. Know. If. We’re. A. Couple. Or. Risk. System. Crash.” (said in a robot voice).

28. “¿Estamos en una relación?”

29. “I’ve drawn a line in the sand, if you step over, we’re boyfriend/girlfriend if you stand where you are we are casually dating. What’s your move?”

30. “I’m about to post this picture of us on Instagram, but I am having trouble with the caption. Right now it reads ‘Me and my....’ how should I finish it?”

31. “I’ll call you Beyonce and you can call me Jay-Z?”

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