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24 Reasons To Love Kristin Chenoweth

24 Reasons To Love Kristin Chenoweth

It’s Kristin Chenoweth’s birthday today! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty on why we adore the pint-sized songbird:

1. Ms. Chenoweth is a legend of the Broadway world, winning a Tony and Drama Desk (among other awards) for her role in the revival of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. She then originated the role of Glinda in Wicked, and the rest is history. She’s since performed on and off the Broadway stages since then but we need a good Kristin-centric musical soon! Preferably with a speak-singing/opera combo.

2. She is a Twitter fiend! @KChenoweth is always filling in her followers on what she’s up to and her favorite foods. Sometimes, she just drops a line. "Hi," to you too, Kristin!

3. She is a notorious and devout Christian and is very open about her faith without being pushy or mean like her GCB character. Amen to that, sister.

4. She may be teeny tiny but the girl can eat! She’s totally unashamed of her sugar and reality television fixes!

5. K-Chen is from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and she has tons of hometown pride, from being Miss Oklahoma runner-up in 1991 to singing “Oklahoma” in the 2005 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to cheering on the OKC Thunder on Ellen. Here’s to not forgetting your roots.

6. Speaking of Ellen, check out this hidden camera prank she did in a gym. We’d work out with her any day if it were like this!

7. She’s an animal-lover and more specifically, a Maddie-lover. Chenoweth is obsessed with her Maltese, Madeline Kahn. They even have an organization dedicated to people and animals helping each other, Maddie’s Corner. It’s so cute we could fall over (and adopt ten puppies).

8. Her hilarious and endearing turn as Olive Snook on Pushing Daisies is one of the main reasons that show, like Arrested Development, is a cult classic that was cut short too soon. Besides, who doesn’t mop the floor at their restaurant job perfectly belting out “Hopelessly Devoted to You”?!

9. Depending on your opinion of the 2013 Oscars, she saved the end of the show with her duet (full of zingers) with Seth MacFarlane.

10. She made the best Starbucks-inspired, crush ballad EVER, “Taylor the Latte Boy” famous. (And now, it’s the song you hear at every high school talent show and pageant for years and years.)

11.  Speaking of Starbucks, don’t make Kristin mad or she will have you found out. She stood up for better service when a barista was rude to her. We like that spiciness about her. (But we hope that person didn’t get fired...)

12. She is not afraid to simultaneously scream and sing opera at the same time. Any time, any place, she’ll do it.

13. Even though she only appeared on three episodes, she left a huge mark on Glee as the zany, out-of-control, and selfish April Rhodes.

14. She’s released four studio albums, including A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas, which, in case you’re wondering, is a wonderful way to spend Christmas… or mid-July when you’re feeling jolly.

15. Her autobiography, A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love, and Faith In Stages, tells a lot about her struggle in relationships with men, friends, family, as well as the ups and downs of her career. It’s a bit fluffy, but it’s a feel-good read if you need some go-get-‘em inspiration.

16. Often, she openly and lovingly talks about the fact that she’s adopted.

17. Kris (can we call her that?) has Ménière's disease, an inner-ear disorder that affects balance and hearing, which makes her a trooper since she could have an episode any time (including live performances). You go, Glen Coco!

18. She’s not afraid to admit to loving chain restaurants. Heck, who doesn’t love a bloomin’ onion and tater tots?

19. She spoofs Bella in this New Moon parody and now we wish she was Bella in all the movies. Imagine all the singing and glitter that could have been (and what a great team she makes with Anna Kendrick!). Tear.

20. Cheno also nails Star Trek’s Spock like a Vulcan champion. Is there anything she can’t do?

21. She knows how to share the diva spotlight whether it’s with Idina Menzel, Chely Wright, Christina Applegate, or Carrie Underwood. Girl power, guys! Girl Power!

22.  She’s very sweet to her fans! She surprised 7-year-old YouTube sensation, Brooke, on Anderson and it makes us want to bawl our eyes out. Can you come surprise us, Kristin? Please, pretty please?

23. She ponders the big questions in life—like what does this sign mean? We wonder too, KC!

24. She’s a jack of all trades, playing the best villains, phonies, moms, crazy neighbors, and press secretaries! We love Kristin’s versatility. Next up: serial killer? Or how about the tan mom?

Kristin, we love you. You’re hilarious. Never change!

What do you love about Kristin Chenoweth?

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