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How to Salvage a Bad Day

How to Salvage a Bad Day

Let me paint you a little word picture. Your shower was cold. Your hair looks like it’s staging a coup. You’re out of milk, but you already poured the cereal. Basically, you’re a human disaster of the "WE HAD HOMEWORK?" variety, and getting a stain on what was previously your only clean shirt is the pickle on the giant crap sandwich that is your day. But who says you can’t scrape together the remains of your crappy sandwich and make yourself a glorious Avocado BLT on Italian bread? I may have taken that analogy a little too far, but that doesn’t mean the point isn’t a valid one. Here’s how to make your bad day 100% better (or at least, like, 45%):

Eat something. Sometimes what you need is a nice wholesome meal that you cooked and slaved over yourself. Sometimes what you need is to indulge in a brownie cake with ice cream and sprinkles and the frosting of the gods. Whatever will make your situation better, get it.

Go for a walk. Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make people happy. Plus, there’s always the exciting possibility that your boring walk will turn into an adventure of epic, dragon-slaying proportions. Or maybe you’ll find a dollar on the ground.

Write. It’s therapeutic. Whether you’ve got a full-fledged diary situation going on or a napkin on which you’re scribbling profanities and doodling cobra fights, writing is the ticket when you need to vent without actually alienating any lifelong friends or family members with your tales of woe and misery.

Google pictures of cats. I don’t think this has ever not worked for anyone. We’re different people from all walks of life, but united we stand under the undeniable truth of cat pictures.

Clean something. Sometimes you just need to feel like you accomplished a thing, whether it’s making your bed or tackling the disaster monster that is your closet.

Listen to your "Bad Day" playlist. If you don’t have one, make one now. Life’s not all rainbows and daisies, and you don’t want to be caught on a bad day without a "Bad Day" playlist to potentially make your day more or less 45% better. Mine has lots of 30 Seconds to Mars. They make me want to kick the world in the face. It's cathartic.

Play with a dog. I defy you to play with a dog and not feel like a weight has been lifted. If you don’t own a dog, well, you’d better find someone who does, and fast.

Sniff a lemon. WebMD says that lemon sniffing decreases stress, and who am I to argue with WebMD? Basil, juniper, and lavender work too apparently. Also, freshly baked cookies. They don’t say that, though. I say that.

Dance. By yourself, in your bedroom. There’s a slight chance this won’t help at all and you’ll just be gyrating and fist pumping miserably, only to find that the window’s wide open and your neighbors are all watching. BUT this could be the gateway to a total positive epiphany that completely turns your day around, and isn’t that worth the gamble?

Take a bath. With bubbles. Seriously, when’s the last time you took a bath? Do you remember how fantastic and relaxing they were? Do you even know what you’re missing?

Go to bed. If you’re nearing the end of the day and things just aren’t looking up, in spite of all the food and dogs and doodles and gyrating, sometimes the only fix is to end the day so you can start another one. Remember, tomorrow’s brand-new, and you might find a treasure map or win a sweepstakes or taste some really, really good pie. Or it might be even worse. You might fall off a building. Sorry, just saying you might. But most of us are willing to take the slight risk of maybe falling off a building for the all the more likely possibility of tasting some really, really good pie. At the very least, I guarantee tomorrow will be marginally better. If it’s not, and your day is blatantly devoid of pie, I accept full responsibility, and you can throw things at me to your heart's content.

We LOVE this list! What are your methods for coping with a bad day?

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