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Dream On: More Interpretations of Your Unconscious Minds

Dream On: More Interpretations of Your Unconscious Minds

Greetings and well met all you SparkLife fellows! It is I, the great and powerful Rebecca! I have returned once again to reveal unto you the secret meanings hidden in your dreams. This week, I've put aside the turban, crystal ball, and bubble pipe, and brought along this psychic cat I bought off the side of the road. It's sure to make me the best dream interpreter there is!...once he removes his claws from my wrist. Now, to the dreams! This week with 100% more evil, tyrannical teddy bears.

First up, NinJas_are_Mi:
"I had a dream that my teddy bear had been implanted with a microchip and began to take over the world. The only problem was that I was in his way and he started to plot horrible assassinations. He ended up hiring an army of gorillas to hunt me down and kill me and the only way for me to be safe was to hide in my aunt's house. Only there was a teddy bear in the basement, which was a thrift shop, and right as I realized it was my teddy bear, I woke up."

Wow. Okay. I'm back—sorry, I was just quietly locking my teddy bear in a water-tight safe. Anyway, moving on. Believe it or not, dreaming of a stuffed animal doing something evil is a common symbol in dreams. (No, seriously.) To dream of your bear trying to take over the world is a sign that you're feeling emotionally constricted and can't express how you really feel about something. Seeing a gorilla really complements this, because they can often represent primal urges. So, in the immortal words of Tears for Fears: Shout, shout let it all out. Unless the thing you're letting out is a gorilla. In which case, please don't.

Next, we've got BertMacklinFBI:
"I once broke up with Channing Tatum in a dream. He cried. That's all I really remember..."

I think I speak for the world at large when I say, how DARE you break ChanTat's heart like that! He is a beautiful delicate flower and should be treated as such. But since I'm a professional, I will also share that to break up with someone in a dream means there's something in your life that it's time to let go of. In this case, I'll go ahead and assume it's your Channing Tatum pillow case. Please email me for my address so that you can be sure it's sent to a loving new home.

And finally, leiaamidala:

"I was suddenly on like, a pirate ship with my class and I was on the deck, but then I went down below. I was exploring the ship, then all of a sudden it was bedtime. We were all trying to sleep, but my friend Sam and I talked about how neither of us could sleep, so he asked me if I wanted to sleep in the bed with him, and I did. Then I felt a time jump in the dream, and I "woke up" with something furry in the bed. It was a hamster the size of a small child, and it was my child. I had four of them. Then I woke up."

Question before I begin: Is your friend Sam a hamster himself? Because that would totally 1. change my reading of your dream and 2. be awesome. Dreaming of pirates can mean that the time has come for adventure and risk-taking in your life! Now is the hour to go for it. Seeing hamsters can mean you're avoiding feelings of love or attraction. Now, I don't want to say this refers to Sam, necessarily, buuuut...

That's it for now! Do you have a dream that's driving you loco? Share it in the comments (in 300 words or less), and check back next week to see if your dreams have (literally) been answered!

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