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The New Catching Fire Trailer Is SO EPIC That You Might Actually Die

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The New Catching Fire Trailer Is SO EPIC That You Might Actually Die


The odds are definitely in your favor on this fine Monday morning, tributts, because we've got a brand new Catching Fire trailer and it is BANANAS. All your favorite characters (except Rue, because she's dead—sorry, too soon?) are back in action and as bad-ass as ever in the just-released clip, which I have watched 568 times whilst sprinting around the office and brandishing a bow crafted from paper clips and Emily Winter's breakfast bagel (it's a small bow, to be sure, but also deadly and delicious). Prepare yourself for SHOCK and AWE before pressing Play below, and then read on for my observations about what is sure to be the greatest film of the 21st century.


-Gale and Katniss make-out sesh? YES, PLEASE.

-Finnick clothed only in gold fishing line?! DON'T MIND IF I DO.

-Flying space shuttle air-ships?! Panem bathed in sunlight and looking more glorious than ever while the districts explode into fiery rebellion?!  Terrifying Peacemakers doing awful things (HOW DARE THEY LAY THEIR HANDS ON GALE)?! The drums at the tribute parade striking fear into my very core?! Caesar Flickerman's vaguely frightening tan?! President Snow (or as I like to call him, Less Bald Voldemort Redux) threatening the lives of everyone Katniss has ever lurved?! The MOCKINGJAY DRESS WITH FIRE AND WINGS?! Jennifer Lawrence's unbelievably gorgeous face making me feel all the feels?! Effie tearing up as she pulls Katniss' name from the bowl?! Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the PERFECT Plutarch Heavensbee?! THE NEW TRIBUTES THROWING KNIVES AND SWINGING AXES AND DESTROYING THOSE COMPUTERIZED ORANGE-BLOCK PEOPLE?! Katniss throwing herself into the water before the screen goes BLACK?! HOPE AND TERROR AND LOVE AND COURAGE AND EXCUSE ME WHILE I JUST REWIND TO THE PART WHERE FINNICK WASN'T WEARING A SHIRT?!

Annnddd I've used up all the caps on the internets. While I replenish my supply, hit the comments and tell me how epic and awesome you think this trailer is. Also be sure to leave your detailed plans for breaking into Sam Claflin's trailer and stealing his fishing wire costume. Couldn't hurt if he were wearing even less clothing, right?!

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