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We Are All Ginger Seals on the Inside

We Are All Ginger Seals on the Inside

Today's life lesson comes from Russia, where a ginger seal cub was abandoned by its mother and colony because SUPERFICIALITY.

The red cub's unusual appearance is caused by high iron levels in his fur, which left him in ginger limbo, hungry and alone on a pebbly beach on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Excuse us while our hearts crawl inside a cave and weep upon the pillow of humanity. WHY CAN'T THIS CUB BE LOVED LIKE ALL THE OTHER CUBS?

The happy news is that Ferrum, as we are calling this prince, has been taken to a dolphinarium and is being looked after by the veterinary staff (and also the dolphins, right? Like in Babe?). Blue-eyed and ever-hopeful, Ferrum is receiving all the love and internet-affection he deserves, and will soon be swimming in his very own tank of our collective tears.

Look, whether you have a mutation in the MC1R protein or are a tiny mammal with freakishly high iron levels, we are all gingers in solidarity. Some of us have red hair and pale skin, and burn like sliced almonds in a skillet during summer, while others of us enjoy greater endurance during 99-degree heat waves. But all of us have the beaming eyes of creatures that just want to be loved, and take our clothes off in a city fountain to escape the oppressive heat. We ALL have our physical quirks and we are ALL beautiful people on the inside, with amazing emoticon potential in the depths of our seal-loving souls. :D :D :D

Gingerism is a real prejudice. "You shall not wear citrus-colored attire!" Redheads have been told by their well-meaning parents. "You shall not wear red lipstick!" The fashion industry has told their coppertopped beauties. But here at SparkLife, we believe you should flaunt your gingeryness to your heart's content! And on the plus-side, everyone knows that redheads just get better-looking with age.

"Baa, ram, ewe."

What shape are your heart puddles in today?

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