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Reviewing the Reviews: Katy Perry: Part of Me Edition

Reviewing the Reviews: <i>Katy Perry: Part of Me</i> Edition

Reviewing the Reviews is back with an exhaustive investigative report on the autobiographical film Katy Perry: Part of Me. Here's how it works: We visit the beacon of intellectual discourse known as the Netflix comment section, and evaluate the reviews to determine if the movie in question is really worth watching. Is Katy Perry: Part of Me hot or is it cold? Is it yes or is it no? In or out? Up or down? Let's find out together!

All of the reviews remain as they appear on the Netflix comment section.

Netflix Review: This is an outstanding piece of work that perfectly matches her abilty to sing and act! If i had to match it with anything that could even come close to portraying her it would be a rat turd. 5 stars

Review of the Review: Classic misdirection! I like to imagine this person wakes up every morning, heads to the bathroom mirror, gives her image a quick double finger gun and says, "Reflection perfection." Then it's a quick self high-five and off to another exciting day filled with frequent repetitions of "This seat's taken" and eye rolls so physically dramatic that people literally fall down in order to express their overwhelming degree of repugnance. Two stars.

Netflix Review: This move is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO great!! watch it! watch it! WATCH IT!!! I LUV U KATY PERRY!! 5 stars.

7 out of 8 members found this review helpful

Review of the Review: Really? 7 out of 8 people found the above review helpful? This is why we can't have nice things, INTERNET! This review is the equivalent to your car breaking down and having an aspiring novelist who has a day job as a mechanic show up and offer you a pineapple to fix your car. Would that pineapple be helpful?! No! Delicious? Probably. Good luck with your novel, Chet the mechanic. One star.

Netflix Review: I'm a 39 yr old father of 2 was not a fan of Katy. But watching this movie I have so much love and respect for her, she really shows it all. She follows her dream not matter how bad it gets, completely devoted to her fans. We love her in return, I'm now a fan of Katy Perry listen to her music all the time can't wait for more. KatyCat forever! :) Five stars

Review of the Review: Shout-out to the 39-year-old FATHER OF TWO who actively made the decision to use the term "KatyCat forever!" on the Internet. Four stars.

Netflix Review: I am a senior citizen and wanted to know what all the hullaboo was about with Katy. Now I know. and it was interesting to see how she was the one who eventually created the smash that she now is. Her style is for teenie boppers and that is good, but not my cup of tea. 3 stars

Review of the Review: Hullabaloo and "Not my cup of tea"? Come on, Netflix, I still need "Well I NEVER," "Oh that's rich," and "for Pete's sake" to win this round of "Elderly Lingo Bingo!" Four stars.

Netflix Review: I honestly put this movie on as a motivation to clean my kitchen. When all the dishes were done, I could turn off the movie. 5 stars

Review of the Review: No need to write the word "honestly." No one's making a statement like that up. Three stars.

Netflix Review: I personally did not enjoy it. It seemed like every scene the movie mostly gloated over her fame, fans and concerts. So what? She was on the radio. Who cares? Life is not about idolizing other people. She's just a human being for pete's sake. 1 star

Review of the Review: I agree. Life's not about idolizing other people! Life's about needlessly complaining about trivial matters to no one in particular on the Internet, for Pete's sake! Two stars.

*As we cross "for Pete's sake" off our "Elderly Lingo Bingo" card*

Netflix Review: She seems like a regular person with fame attached to her name, which makes her different from everyone else, but her persona is unreal. She is so relatable! 5 stars

Netflix Review: this movie is awesome i want to buy it when i find it but everytime i go to the store i look out for it so i really want the movie because i love Katy Perry!!! 5 stars

Review of the Reviews: I don't possess a degree in online matchmaking, but I think we may have found a Netflix love connection! Imagine the sparkling  conversations these two would share:

Reviewer 1: We definitely do not never need to buy groceries the day before tomorrow.

Reviewer 2: Groceries are awesome! We need food to survive, so every time I go to the grocery store I look out for food because I really want it. I love life!!!

Reviewer 1: You don't have to not tell me twice never not. I don't not love you.

Two stars.

Netflix Review: I love Katy Perry, but not this documentary. If you went to her concert and watch ET you already know all this stuff. One star

Review of the Review: Do you mean the television program Entertainment Tonight or E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial? Are you insinuating that Katy Perry is an ALIEN? That's ridiculous. Well, somewhat ridiculous. Okay, you're probably right. Two stars.

The reviews are in and it looks like Katy Perry: Part of Me is definitely worth watching! Never change, Netflix commenting section. Never, ever change.

Have you seen Katy Perry: Part of Me? Should we watch it?

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