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Have You Read J.K. Rowling's Secret Book???

Have You Read J.K. Rowling's Secret Book???

Quick question: is there anything better than finding that J.K. Rowling is writing more books? Answer: Yes, finding out that she's writing them under mysterious alias with a hard to pronounce name, and they are well received bestsellers, and she's furious that her secret was discovered. Oh the intrigue!!

This is all thanks to a sleuthing reporter at the Sunday Times of London who got an anonymous Twitter tip (during the dead of night...oooo) that our girl J.K. was the real author of The Cuckoo's Calling. Since the book seemed to be too well-written for a novice, as Robert Galbraith claimed to be, the reporter took the tip seriously and started comparing the book's writing to Rowling's earlier work.There were some coincidences between Galbraith's book and Rowling's The Casual Vacancy like scenes of drug use, but when it was confirmed by computer linguistic experts to be significantly similar to Rowling's earlier work, the reporter decided to let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

And J.K. is pissed. How did such a closely kept secret get tweeted? Was it a strategy by her publisher to blow up the book at get sales? No. It turns out a little goss ruined the whole thing. Someone at the law firm who represents Rowling told his wife's best friend. First of all, why are you telling your wife's best friend national secrets? Or anything? And why would you trust her not to tell anyone? Who is she? Who are you? How dare you? How is she supposed to trust your legal advice ever again? J.K. is apparently livid that she can no longer write under the peaceful and liberating alias of Robert Galbraith, which we can understand since apparently The Cuckoo's Calling was to be the first of a series!! Curses.

We can't wait to read this newest Rowling adventure and we want you to read it with us! Please read it and review on Sparkler Posts!

[via The New York Times and People]

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