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20 Signs You Need to Start Waking Up Earlier

20 Signs You Need to Start Waking Up Earlier

Waking up is hard. Your mattress is calling your name, begging you to stay in bed just five more minutes. But at some point, sleeping in reaches the realm of ridiculousness. You simply have to ignore your pillow's curse-your-sudden-but-inevitable-betrayal look and your comforter's puppy-dog eyes and get out of bed earlier. How do you know when you've reached that point? Here are some signs:

  1. Not even the late-night drugstore around the corner is open during your waking hours.
  2. You're beating Princess Aurora's beauty sleep record.
  3. Your dreams are taking the place of reality. What do you mean, the local lifeguard isn't a hot scissor-handed unicorn?!
  4. You can't remember the last time you met a person who didn't look sketchy.
  5. Your hair is starting to grow like this from your perpetual bed-head.
  6. Your friends have stopped inviting you to anything that happens before the sun goes down.
  7. Even your adorable little brother has started referring to you as "The Creature of the Night."
  8. You've actually become allergic to sunlight due to underexposure.
  9. You couldn't physically fit three meals into your waking hours, even if you tried.
  10. Your dream-friends have started calling you clingy.
  11. You've started speaking in snores instead of actual words...
  12. ...and it doesn't even sound weird to you.
  13. Your online friends assume you live in a different time zone.
  14. The only laundry you ever have to wash is your pajamas.
  15. You wonder why you look like you're sleeping in all your recent photos...and then realize you don't actually remember being awake for any of them.
  16. The pillow creases on your face have become permanent.
  17. You've started referring to drool as a make-up product.
  18. The only person online when you are is that weird guy who plays World of Warcraft, like, 24/7.
  19. You've started wondering if sleep-walking counts as a sport.
  20. You can't actually tell the difference between waking and sleeping anymore.

How can you tell you need to get up earlier?

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