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Goodbye, Glee Project! And 5 Other Shows Cancelled Too Soon

Goodbye, Glee Project! And 5 Other Shows Cancelled Too Soon

After a load of scuttlebutt about its future, the Oxygen Network recently announced that they would not be bringing The Glee Project back for another season. Since word of Cory Monteith's tragic passing broke earlier this week, this news is doubly poignant for his fans of his, and of all things related to the show of which he was such an integral part. In keeping with the ethos of Glee, The Glee Project attracted a diverse community of performers, and it had heart and soul that kept you rooting for every single participant.

But this ain't the first time an awesome show has been cancelled too quickly. Let's take a look at five others that left us begging for more, more, more.

1. Firefly. Sure, we got a movie, but what was that other than a rushed version that provided us with a cruel, teasing, jam-packed taste of what could have unfolded had our favorite space cowboys been given their due time? And so it was, that all the Fillies wept.

2. Dead Like Me. Bryan Fuller created this epic series, the crafty minx! Before there was Pushing Daisies, and before there was Hannibal, there was Dead Like Me. George, an aimless, directionless girl dies, and is forced to spend her afterlife guiding others on the way out to their fate.  It was macabre and funny and magical and eerie and muchly missed. Also, Mandy Patinkin! A million times Mandy Patinkin, you guys.

3. Wonderfalls. Fuller strikes again! This odd, sweet story about an uber-smart saleslady who receives life advice from a store full of inanimate objects was painfully overlooked when it aired on Fox—and a change in its time slot didn't help much either. Only true diehards have managed to find the finale—but those who do are richly rewarded. A gem of a show.

4. Freaks and Geeks. While typically remembered as the show that introduced the world to Judd Apatow, Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, and James Franco (among others), Freaks and Geeks, created by TV vet and funny man Paul Feig, continues to be critically lauded, and, may we add, is one of the best depictions of high school life out there. Gone too soon.

5. Veronica Mars. Thanks to Kickstarter, we no longer have to pine over everyone favorite film noir starring petite blonde girl-detective Veronica Mars. Smart, well-written, and a great vehicle for star Kristen Bell, it's no wonder that the world ponied up the cash to help show creator Rob Thomas bring it back to us in movie form.

What cancelled shows do you heave a heavy sigh for?

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