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Liveblogging Willow Smith's "Summer Fling" Video

Liveblogging Willow Smith's "Summer Fling" Video

Willow Smith just came out with a new song, "Summer Fling" and, dare we say, we like it. It's catchy and nostalgic, and feels perfect for a night spent laying in the grass, watching the stars or hanging at the beach.

Then we remembered Willow is 12, which made us feel weird.

Then we watched the video. And felt even weirder. So we decided to liveblog our reaction to the video. Watch with us, and let us know what you think in the comments.

  • We like this intro. And her cut offs.
  • Not crazy about the hair.
  • Boy is cute.
  • Wait, is that creepy of us? Willow is 12, so her boyfriend may also be 12?
  • But he's definitely not 12.
  • But "walk the beach at midnight" at age 12 seems... premature. We're pretty sure we were still watching the Disney channel at 12 (and 16) (and still).
  • Wait, is she speaking in a British accent? We kind of like it, stylistically, but she is for sure, 100% American.
  • Why are all of her friends so much older than her? Again, at 12 we certainly did not have any heavily tattooed, hipster friends, but maybe we were sheltered.
  • We do like the beat. It's darn catchy.
  • "It's just a couple nights but we do it anyway." Is this appropriate? Or are we creeps for reading too much into this?
  • We do feel like this jamming by the fireside is cool, but also perhaps it is past her curfew? Or at least should be past her curfew? The sun doesn't set in the summer until like 10.
  • Still, pretty jealous of her mad '90s wardrobe here. Overalls, "AS IF" tank, and cutoffs are pretty cool. Albeit hideous. Still, we wish we could pull it off.
  • The accent, again? It is particularly weird that she does the accent while dancing around with an American flag.
  • "Do it anyway" refrain, as her summer fling picks her up. Something about this feels off.
  • Glamor shots of 12-year-old Willow as we exit: she looks very pretty, but we're just not sure about this.

Conclusion: Like "Whip My Hair," we can't help but like this song. And Willow Smith seems talented, stylish, and, you know, pretty. But the overtones of "Whip My Hair" were not like, sexy. Call us prudes, but something feels a little off here.

What do you think? Are we being too harsh (or creepy)? Or do you think the video is a bit mature for her?

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