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REALITY CHECK: Can You Pick The Real Reality Show Out Of The Bunch?

REALITY CHECK: Can You Pick The Real Reality Show Out Of The Bunch?

Reality TV is one of our favorite guilty pleasures. Or maybe we should say one of our so-not-remotely-guilty pleasures, if only because we're far more likely to bellow "JOIN US" then to cower in shame if caught mid-Dance Moms marathon. Therefore, it is with heavy hearts that we admit that reality TV can quickly veer from fun-loving romp into outrageous, cringe-worthy disaster. In fact, it can be hard to know what's real reality and what's just real ridiculous. See if you can pick the actual reality show from among the fake ones listed below. Sadly, it might be harder than you think!

1. Somebody Kill Me: Tales From Death Row

An in-depth study of the life and times of death-row inmates serving time in a maximum security prison in West Texas. This seldom-glimpsed slice of life study presents an unforgettable cast of characters, including prison joker, Rod "Baby Killer" Livingston; and the stuttering warden Carter, an amateur fly-fisherman. Memorable moments include prank calls from the governor and an inmate-run potluck dinner.

2. Yo' Mama!

This documentary-style reality venture follows three comedians: one new kid on the block blowing up on, one up-and-comer on the cusp of making it big, and one veteran. While they might all be in different places in their lives, they've got one thing in common—they're recognized geniuses in the fine art of making "your momma" jokes. Watch as they compete, make friends and enemies, and, in one jaw-dropping moment, even turn the jokes on their own mommas, all to get ahead in Hollywood.

3. Who's Your Daddy?

In this reality competition, one adult, having been adopted as a child, faces off against 25 potential fathers. After being presented with a series of clues, the adoptee has to guess which daddy is, you guessed it, their daddy. If they pick correctly, they get 100K and a reunion! If they pick the wrong dad, they remain broke, biological dad-less, and demoralized—and the fake-dad gets the cash.

4. Private Eyes: Watching You

In this music-competition slash reality-competition, fans of the musicians Hall and Oates perform a series of challenges to prove that they are the artists' number one fans. The winning fan is then unknowingly stalked by both musicians, culminating in a staged abduction and kidnapping. After four days locked in a closet, they're freed by Hall and Oates, and then there's a party.

5. You Say It's Your Birthday?

Each week, this public-television sponsored event follows a different person as they prepare for, celebrate, and clean up after their own birthday. An indictment of first-world excess, as well as a charming picture of rural life, You Say It's Your Birthday examines what it means to be human, what it means to grow old, and what it means to eat cake.

Think you spotted the real show?

You sure?

100% sure?

Well, if you guessed number three, then you are correct! That said, you kind of want to watch the other shows, don't you? Attention, Hollywood: we're ready for our royalty checks.

So did you guess it? What's the worst reality show you've ever seen?

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