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Quiz: Which TV Show Should You Be On?

Quiz: Which TV Show Should You Be On?

You may be the leading man or lady in your own life, but where would you be if you were on a real-life show? Find out which one you’re perfect for!

1. What would be a fitting yearbook superlative for you?
a. “Most Likely To Have Glitter In Weird Places”
b. “The Person Who Won’t Stop Smiling Ever… Seriously, Stop It!”
c. “Most Likely to Think Everything is a Life or Death Situation… Especially On Taco Day”
d. “Most Likely To Wear A Scarf Even When It’s 95 Degrees Out”
e. “Most Likely to Faint From Excitement”

2. Which of these seem like an ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon?
a. Playing M*A*S*H with all of your friends… seven times each.
b. Looking for new places to plant trees… the environment is our friend!!!
c. Larping in the park!
d. Reading the newest issues of all your favorite fashion mags.
e. Getting ready for a fancy dinner party.

3. Finish this sentence: “I could not live without __________.”
b. Political campaigns… A.K.A. the most exciting time of the year!
c. Medieval Times
d. My closet
e. Manners

4. Which of these would be the best perk about being on a TV show?

a. Hair and makeup by a professional
b. Getting to hang with a bunch of funny and talented people all the time
c. The amazing shooting locations
d. Keeping the clothes
e. Getting to imagine living in another time

5. As an actor, what would be your greatest strength?
a. Memorizing lines
b. Improvising funny scenes!
c. Doing your own stunts
d. Walking gracefully no matter what ridiculous costume you’re wearing
e. Crying on cue

6. What drives your everyday life?
a. Romance, companionship, and the thrill of the chase
b. Laughing until you want to barf
c. Intense action and exercise, such as real-life jousting to the death
d. New and exciting opportunities and places… like the new diner across the street.
e. High drama all the time. The more gasping, the better!

How did you do?

Mostly As: You should be on The Mindy Project. You want to balance work, school, and love, while still getting to decorate your room with tons of Hello Kitty garb, which is why you’re perfect for this show! You’d be the quirky assistant to the genius of Dr. Mindy Lahiri.

Mostly Bs: Ring, ring! Parks and Recreation calling! You’re hilarious, down-to-earth, and love big-time and small-time politics. Your diplomacy and charm should land you a spot in the Pawnee Parks Department, where you’ll tackle issues like animal control and bike lanes.

Mostly Cs: You should be on Game of Thrones! You love action, adventure, and the constant threat of danger, which this show is never short of. Just call you Up-and-Comer of the House Awesome-Guest-Star.

Mostly Ds: You, Sparkler, need to be on The Carrie Diaries. You love fashion, the big city, and strutting your stuff. No 1980s getup is too ridiculous and no heel is too high. You’ll love navigating through life and love as a teen in NYC circa 30 years ago.

Mostly Es: Get down on Downton Abbey. You can rock an English accent, period piece clothing, and high dramatics like a champ. Just try not to get any crazy early 20th century diseases and stay out of the Dowager’s way!

Which show do you wish you were on?

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