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Dream On: The Secret Meanings of Your Dreams Revealed!

Dream On: The Secret Meanings of Your Dreams Revealed!

HELLO YOU GORGEOUS PEOPLE! Last week, I donned an imaginary turban and asked you all to share some of your dreams in the comments with the promise that I would pop in my finest monocle, puff on my fanciest soap-bubble pipe, and provide you with some stellar dreamy-time analysis. Now, let the first crop of dreams emerge from the shadows of the sleeping realm, to share with us their secrets!...or something. Read on to learn what lies within your subconscious, and also some stuff about zombies.

From TheOister:

I had a dream where everyone was getting eaten my zombies so I pretended to be one to get away until my cousin took me in and taught me the ways of the humans until I evolved into a dragon and ate all the zombies in a Chinese restaurant.

Not only is this, as other commenters have noted, an AWESOME dream, but it's very revealing: running away from anything—especially something dangerous—can mean you're trying to avoid something you fear in your waking life. Maybe it's zombies. This makes sense because zombies are basically the worst. But it's more likely that it's something you're dealing with at the moment. But wait, there's more. Turning into a dragon means you're holding on to a lot of anger that you aren't fully expressing. Maybe you're angry at society for not dealing with the Zombie Problem, or maybe it's something more personal.

Our next dream comes from Happyperson15:

I had a recurring dream about my closet light being on and in the dream I would get up and walk to the closet and turn the handle and then wake up. after dreaming that like 4 times, I finally opened the door and inside was a courtroom with Fred Weasley, Lupin, and some angry looking woman in a suit. and that was the end.

This is an exciting dream for a number of reasons—partly because it meant I had a legitimate reason to go to Tumblr and look at Harry Potter gifs for "inspiration." It's also exciting because all of the images in your dream point toward you entering a new chapter in your life. To dream of a closet usually means you're keeping a secret—but paired with your turning on the light, it means you are readying yourself to face your past and start new challenges. Dreaming of a courtroom can mean you're know, judged, BUT dreaming of characters you love from movies, books, or TV means you're prepared to take on a new role in your own life. Celebrate this new chapter with Potter gifs. Court adjourned!

We close today's dream-a-thon with this one, from TheBashfulProcrastinator:

Briefly, my house and my entire family was somehow transported to India (this is weird because I am from New Zealand and have never been to India). There were 2 little girls that were helping me to hide as we ran around the house away from something. Suddenly we were inside the house and hiding behind our couch. I looked through the glass door and a giant purple rhino was walking past. It paused and suddenly one of its yellow eyes locked onto me.

Traveling to a place you've never been in a dream often indicates that you're a person who likes to defy expectations. I'd expect no less from someone born and raised in a land where Hobbits frolic. Seeing the purple rhino who looked at you so intently means the hour has come for to go after what you want. The fact that the this creature was purple, paired with the two child guides, is meant to serve as a reminder to be compassionate and kind as you go after what you want. To close, Purple Rhino would be basically the best band name ever.

Do you have a dream that's driving you nuts? Share it in 350 words or less in the comments, and check back next week! Until then, I have a bubble pipe that needs refilling.

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