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14 Signs You're Judgmental

14 Signs You're Judgmental

Do you find yourself constantly asking the question “Why can’t people just do things like me?” or “What is wrong with everyone in the world?” Or maybe you wake up every day thanking your lucky stars that you’re not a dingbat like all the other dopey-heads around you. Hate to break it to ya, but you might be a tad judgmental. Read more signs below.

1. Every morning, you give your mom a complex, 40-point rating of the breakfast she makes for you. She never scores above a 22. Sigh.

2. Your friends all nicknamed you “Joan” after Joan Rivers. Hey, it’s not your fault you can spot fashion road kill from a mile away.

3. When your siblings come in from a late night out, they avoid eye contact and walk speedily in the opposite direction.

4. When your parents make a less-than-funny joke, they put their heads down in shame and fear of your non-laughter. “No mom, I’m not glad you didn’t say 'banana.' Ugh.”

5. Your best friend stopped giving you presents for special occasions, NOT because she doesn’t want to, but because she knows no gift will ever be good enough. Yup, not even that spectacular, rainbow faux rabbit’s foot was worthy of your love.

6. Your school’s administrators have started coming to you to ask what’s fair and just in your school. You’ve decided things like mac and cheese over burritos and Sadie Hawkins dances over Homecoming.

7. You give your teachers grades on their lectures and quality of tests.

8. You have rated literally every place you’ve ever eaten on Yelp. Five stars? In your dreams, suckers.

9. Your ideal career is American Idol judge, Next Food Network Star judge, or Supreme Court judge. Really any sort of judging would be a fulfilling job for you.

10. Your eyes hurt rill bad from rolling so much.

11. You’re a huge Beyonce fan and scored tickets to the Mrs. Carter tour. After it was over, you looked to your thrilled concert companion and said “Meh.”

12. Your mom keeps all the receipts to all the home décor, in case certain items don’t fit your taste.

13. Even the way you maintain your life (clothes, bedroom, grades) is just not up to par all the way. But then again, it’s definitely better than everyone else’s standards.

14. Your life’s mantra: There’s nothing wrong with being perfect!

Are you judgmental or just a misunderstood perfectionist?

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