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The Yearbook Awards (Sparkler Edition): THESE ARE THE FINAL CATEGORIES!

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The Yearbook Awards (Sparkler Edition): THESE ARE THE FINAL CATEGORIES!

Cindy here with more news about the yearbook awards (Sparkler Edition)

If you're not sure what the sparkler version of the yearbook awards is all about then you've probably missed my first post about the yearbook awards. Go read it now. YES THIS VERY MOMENT. OR ELSE *Swings punishment salmon*

In the last few days a lot of changes have been made to the original categories, and then based on the number of entries these are the final categories!:

1.Best hair

2. Best smile

3. Best eyes

4. Most annoying but loved

5.Best writer

6. Best artist

7. Most atheltic

8. Most frequent quoter

9. Best musician

10. Biggest Geek

The categories in bold are the ones that still need more entries.

But these are the final categories. No more categories will be added. The only changes that will be made to these is that if by the time the competition starts I have no entries for a category it'll be taken off. Because its not a competition with just one or two entries.

June 3rd is the deadline for entering! The posts will where all the competitors will comment with their pictures and paragraphs will be created on that day!!!

Voting will start one week after June 3rd so that all the participants have enough time to enter and all of the entries receive equal number of views. So basically, competitors can comment their entries from June 3rd to June 10th. Any entries made after that day will NOT be accepted.

Voting will begin on 11th June and will continue for a period of 2 weeks, i.e:  25th June.

On 26th June the winners will be declared!

I hope you paid attention to the words in italics because THEY ARE IMPORTANT!

I've been asked some questions many many times. Just to clarify all of the confusion I'm going to answer them again

Question: How do I enter?

Answer: I told you how in my post. You didn't get it? Alright I'll explain again. On June 3rd I will post sparkler posts with the categories as the title of the post. Comment to the post with your category with a few words about why you deserve to win and a link to a relevant picture of YOURSELF.

You should also PM telling me what category you will be running for because this will help with organizing this entire event.

Question: How do we vote?

Answer: Voting will go on from 11th to 25th June. To vote, reply to the comment of the participant you want to vote for by simply stating your username.

Only replying to an entry with your username will be counted as a vote. If you upvote a comment thinking that this is another way of voting you're wrong. UPVOTES WILL NOT BE COUNTED AS A VOTE!!

And only votes made during 11th June to 25th June will be counted as a vote.

I've already explained why we're going to vote like this in the first post. If you don't know why feel free to go read it.

Question: When is the deadline for entering?

Answer: June 3rd to June 10th

Question: Can I enter for multiple categories?

Answer: Absolutely!!! The more the merrier!!!

Questions: What is the maximum number of awards a person can get?

Answer: One. That way all the awards wont go to one person. They will be evenly distributed, and everyone can have a chance of winning.

So, if you win in two categories but you have (for example) 10 votes in one and 7 votes in another. The award with 7 votes (Because it is the smaller number) will be given to the runner up instead because you already have an award.

No, I don't think this is unfair. I want as many people as possible to win.

Another thing that I have to mention is that there should be no cheating of any kind. It will not be tolerated at all!

This award is only for sparklers and manklers

Your pictures should be of you.

If any kind of foul play is detected the entry will be disqualified.

Which brings me to this, I request screamingilyso to help me find cheaters. She reverse image searched all the pictures in the actual awards and I'd be really grateful if you did the same for this version too.

And do not ignore the rules!!! *swings punishment salmon again*

And I'm still telling you DO NOT HESITATE TO ENTER!!! I need lots more entries so please run for something, because it will be fun and I like bossing people around.

That will be all

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