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Quel Est Le Point?

Quel Est Le Point?

Quel Est Le Point (What Is the Point) is a very useful little philosophical nugget. You can use it for superficial and basic things like when you're dumbfounded, exasperated, at your wit's end, or feeling a little French and think those around you could benefit from an eye roll. Or you can use it in the way that makes you contemplate what has plagued man since the dawn of our existence. What is the point? Is there a point? Do I care if there is a point? Does there need to be a point? Can I eat this McFlurry if there is no point? It is the question. Well, after a few hours of intense study, we're ready to tell you what what really matters in this life. Quel suspense!







-Puppy ears

-Ripe peaches

-Beating siblings at board games

-New shoes

-Sharing your fries

-Car jam sessions

-Gardening (we've heard)

-Having someone share his fries with you

-Surprising people at airports


-That one song (it's so good, you know the one)

-Sneezing two times in a row

-Titanic Documentaries

-Hugs (v. important)

-Reading books your friends recommend

-Killing mosquitoes (Satisfaction City)

-Saving animals

-Homemade food

-Homemade quilts


-River floating

-Bubble wrap

-Saying exactly what you want to say exactly when you want to say it

-Having your back cracked

-Fresh basil

-Clean sheets

-Loyal friends



-Accidental naps


-Quenching thirst

-PB&Js (for real)

-Preventing bullying


-Restaurant leftovers

-Giving gifts

-Making lists

We feel pretty confident that these are the things that matter in life, to say nothing of the fact that we could continue this list until in mentions everything just short of skin rashes, because quel est le point of skin rashes.

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