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Brotherly Love: Man Travels Country Giving $500 Tips to Honor Brother's Dying Wish

Brotherly Love: Man Travels Country Giving $500 Tips to Honor Brother's Dying Wish

Sometimes we come across a story that just warms our heart. Before 30-year-old computer technician Aaron Collins passed away suddenly last year, he made a rather unique request to his family in his will: "Leave an awesome tip...I mean $500 on a f***** pizza."

Now that's how you write a will.

Aaron's older brother Seth decided to carry out his brother's last wish, but an unbelievably wonderful thing happened on the way to raising the necessary $500: the outpour of support from generous donors was so abundant that Seth raised $60,000. According to our expansive research, $60,000 is a lot more than $500.

With more than enough funds to help make his brother's wish a reality, Seth decided to embark on a cross-country road trip and surprise the service community with random $500 tips. According to the NY Daily News, Collins has already performed this random act of kindness 54 times in 17 states, and plans to reach somewhere between "90 and 100 restaurants" across the country.

Aaron Collins would surely be proud of the generosity of his big brother. According to the "Aaron's Last Wish" website, the late Aaron Collins was incredibly sentimental:

"The small things people did for him are what touched him the most.  He was generous with the limited means he had, and his last wishes were that any money he had be given freely in ways that would impact those who received it."

If you're looking to reaffirm your belief in humanity, or just want to follow this story, the collection of "Aaron's Last Wish" videos, documenting all of Seth's generous gratuity endeavors as well as the server's reactions, can be found on the "Aaron's Last Wish" website.

"It's definitely reminded me of how important it is to be generous," Collins told the NY Daily News.

Have you ever performed a random act of kindness?

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