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So I was thinking about books and the way they ended. And how much people would hate these books if something else happened. So here are my ways of destroying a good book!

Lord of the rings

Frodo looked into the fire of the volcano, his eyes wide with fear, and the voice in his head telling him to step away, to put the ring back on.

No. he must...must destroy it.

But the urge was too great. Ignoring the shouts of his friends, he slipped the ring back on to his finger, becoming invisible at once. As the evil overtook his mind, he looked at the people who cared about him and just saw enemies. He had to kill them.

The ring was his.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Lucy ran into the wardrobe and shut the door, still able to hear her brother counting down. She stepped back. One pace, two, three, until her foot it something that shouldn’t be there. She turned around, to see trees and snow…and a giant lion, staring at her.

“What are you doing here?” It growled.

Lucy took a step back, but hit wood. The Doorway, the wardrobe, had closed. “How…how are you talking?”

“I am Aslan and you are in Narnia! Why are you here?”

“I don’t know!” the young girl cried.

The lion took a step towards her. “You must be a spy. Working with the Witch. Do you know what happens to spies?”

She shakes her head, trying to speak, but too scared.

The Great lion, Aslan, pounced.

The Hunger Games

'And may the odds be ever in your favour!'

Yeah, right, Katniss thought as she watched the sky above her, the faces of the dead tributes shining down. The odds are never in your favour here, and they never will be.

She heard a crackle above her in the trees. Rue. She instantly relaxed, but not before the small girl grinned. But Katniss didn't see it, thinking she was safe.

How wrong she was...Rue jumped down, slamming a branch into her head, knocking her unconscious...

A cannon rang out some time later, signalling the death of the District 12 female tribute.

Harry Potter

There was a tapping sound as Harry opened his eyes, seeing the small cracks of light appear under the door.

He frowned, hearing his aunt screech 'Up! Get up! Now!'

There was something in his head, a memory, a dream. Friendship and love and...Magic.


He shook his head, the dream disappearing as he stood and left the cupboard under the stairs.

Harry potter was an ordinary boy, and the dream he had faded, never to be thought of again...

His Dark Materials.

Lyra looked at the strange devise in her hands, still not understanding what the Alethiometer was meant to be. She coudn’t read it, and no matter how hard she tried, not a symbol could be understood. So many people had put faith in her, but she did not know the answers, could not do what they asked. She looked up into the device holding her and her daemon separate, knowing this was the end. She could not escape this fate now.


Tobias looked at the girl. His head felt funny, like he should know her. But he couldn’t. She was the enemy. He pointed the gun at her, watching as she stared back.

“Tobias. Please. It’s me. It’s Tris. Please.” She cried.

“I don’t know you” He snarled, pushing his finger down on the trigger.

The girl screamed and dropped to the floor…and suddenly, he knew who she was. Tris. She was his. He was hers…

He ran to her side, but it was too late. He had killed her.

And finally….A good ending to a bad book!


Bella looked at Edward as she screamed out with pain. Her daughter was fine, had been taken away, but she was left on the table in agony."Why isn't it working?" she heard Edward cry, before slipping back into the darkness.Edward was panicking. His venom was being rejected by her body. It wasn't saving her, but killing her faster.There was nothing he could do as he watched the woman he loved die. Nothing but hear the cries of his child and blame it for what had happened...

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