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More Reasons to Keep on Adoring Emma Watson

More Reasons to Keep on Adoring Emma Watson

Though she's no longer the wild-haired wunderkind who stole our hearts at age nine in the first Harry Potter movie, Emma Watson continues to be so awesome that it kind of makes us want to hurl—but in a good, ate-too-much-brownie-batter way. When she joined up with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint to play Hermione to their Harry and Ron, she had it easy when it came to building her character. This is because she was essentially already the perfect grade-getting, know-it-all with a heart of gold that she'd been cast to play. In an interview with W Magazine, Emma admits that if you watch her mouth closely enough in the early films, you can see her not just saying her own lines, but mouthing along to Ron and Harry's as well. Oh girl, don't ever change.

It is in this spirit of awesomeness that we gather now to discuss five other reasons Emma Watson is the greatest Watson there is (Don't cry, Martin Freeman, we will still snuggle you):

1. Hair Power: Girl can rock a short-haired look or a long-haired look, and still be all "WHATEVER, I AM GLORIOUS."

2. Meo-ow: She's a cat lady! Sister-friend has two kitties, one named Bubbles and one named Domino!

3. Girl Goes Green: Not only is she beyond fashionable, she's also ecologically minded, starting her own Fair Trade Fashion Line, which she probably works on while drinking fair trade coffee, that little minx.

4. Mais, oui!: Although she's as English as a crumpet, Emma was actually born in Paris, where she lived until she was five! This definitely explains her je ne sais quoi, non?

5. Nice tights, girl!: Little know fact: if Emma flies fast enough around the earth, it actually switches direction and time moves backward! Also, kryptonite will kill her.

What else makes Emma the greatest Watson of all time?

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