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20 Things To Sell At Your Lemonade Stand That Are Way Better Than Lemonade

20 Things To Sell At Your Lemonade Stand That Are Way Better Than Lemonade

In theory, having a lemonade stand is a wonderful idea. But you know, some kid always forgets to add sugar, or you wonder what's that thing floating in the pitcher, or maybe you have acid reflux and you can't even bear to see lemonade in your peripheral vision. (We're not even sure if that is a symptom of acid reflux. What is acid reflux? GOOGLE!??!) Who came up with the lemonade stand, anyway? WHY LEMONADE? There are things way cooler than lemonade. And they would all make for better stands. This summer, break free of the expectations that you will sell lemonade at your stand. Sell these things instead:

  1. Practical advice about your customers' current haircuts.
  2. Limeade WHAATTTTTTT
  3. Stuff you found in the car
  4. Pixie sticks
  5. Breeze from a fan (5 seconds for $1)
  6. Hose-down (if it's hot, people will bite)
  7. Completely made up palm readings
  8. Leftover breakfast
  9. Fresca (WHO DOESN'T LOVE FRESCA? It's so refreshing!)
  10. Guess people's thigh-size
  11. Let people give you a wedgie (advertise that it relieves stress)
  12. Tin foil swans (with huevos rancheros inside)
  13. Offer to record people's voice mail messages for them, doing your worst Harry Potter impression
  14. Flowers from the yard. Dandelions are flowers, right?
  15. Rocks with pictures of the presidents drawn on them
  16. Underwater basket-weaving class (if you have a pool)
  17. Set up a fake cardboard backdrop, that, when standing in front of it, makes it look like you are running in "The Running Of The Bulls." Tell people to pose and charge them to take their picture.
  18. Stock advice (Repeat after us, "sell, sell, sell!")
  19. Your old baby clothes (Sign reads: "Worn By This Baby!")
  20. Sacks-Of-Fun (Use your imagination.)

What would you sell at your lemonade stand, other than lemonade?

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