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Dream On: Submit Your Craziest Dreams for Interpretation!

Dream On: Submit Your Craziest Dreams for Interpretation!

Greetings, greetings one and all, my name is Becca and this is my crystal ball!

Oh my god. I'm so sorry. There is no excuse for my cheesiness/newfound AMAZING RHYMING SKILLZ. They, and the giant purple turban I am wearing, really detract from my mission today. What mission is that?  To invite you, gentle reader, to send in quick write-ups of your dreams so that I might ponder them, and, using several impressive academic tomes, provide you with a breakdown of what your dream actually means.

My credentials? I've been a huge fan of recording, analyzing, and sharing my dreams since I was roughly seven minutes old. This has clearly made me a pleasure to know—ask anyone who had to sit through an epic recounting of a two-hour dream that I later realized was actually the plot of The Mummy, only I had re-cast myself in the role of Brendan Fraser. To save us all some embarrassment, I won't go into sharing what that dream meant, but suffice to say, I've never looked at Rachel Weisz in quite the same way again.

There are some common images that appear in dreams: natural disasters, such as tidal waves, can indicate the body being in physical distress, or that you really, really want to go surfing. Losing teeth or appearing naked can represent fear and anxiety, or, perhaps, the fact that you should stop eating Bit-O-Honeys right before you fall asleep. But there are vastly less depressing symbols too! Did you know that seeing a cow in your dream can mean that your hard work is about to pay off in unexpected ways? In other news, discussing cows has made me desire a milkshake, so there's that.

So let's do this thing! Post the dreams you'd like analyzed down in the comments below. Soon, all the mysteries of the universe shall be revealed. Until then—who wants to buy me a milkshake?

Quick, tell Becca your dreams! Insight, wisdom, and milkshake cravings may soon be yours!

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