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Benedict Cumberbatch, Dreamiest Dreamboat Ever

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His cheekbones are sculpted from the Silly Putty of the gods. His full name pretty much one-ups Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore's. He looks 98% better in a scarf than 73% of the world. His smile is akin to a giant stack of pancakes that have been doused in maple syrup and topped with a generous pat of half-melted butter (that simile is a stretch, but it's second breakfast time and we've got shortstacks on the brain). We're talking, of course, about Benedict Cumberbatch, the rakishly handsome Brit whose penchant for wise-cracks and trenchcoats has our sweaty hearts all a-flutter.  We first fell in love with him as the brilliant, foxy title character in BBC's Sherlock, then swooned all over again at his drool-worthy bad-guy impersonation in Star Trek: Into Darkness. And once Benedarling Cumberbabe told UK magazine Now Daily that his newfound sex-symbol status completely baffles him, we wanted to face-touch him even harder. Because we know you feel the same way, we're going to put our pulses in peril and post 10 pics of this gorgeous gentleman; let the crushing commence!

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