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Your Favorite Children's Books-With a Hilarious Twist!

Your Favorite Children's Books-With a Hilarious Twist!

Flavorwire/Jennifer Lewis

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The BFG, Calvin and Hobbes—remember how much you loved those books when you were a kid (and/or last week, when you re-read them for the 1000th while lying upside-down on the couch and spraying whip cream into your mouth)? Well, prepare for that love to multiply TEN-FOLD, because the geniuses over at Flavorwire just combined your favorite childhood reads with the funniest, most memorable characters from Parks and Recreation—and the results are mind-blowingly brilliant. You can see three of the Parks and Rec-tified book covers below, and head on over to Flavorwire to check out all 12!

Ron Swanson is a paragon of manliness and bacon. He adores meat-related foodstuffs more than anyone else you have ever met—so what better cover for him to grace than Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?

TOM HAVERFORD, I LOVE YOU. JEAN RALPHIO, WILL YOU MARRY ME. I would give up every Cheez-it I own to spend the day with these two fantastic troublemakers, whose carefree, child-like attitudes and irresistible charm make them the perfect pairing for Calvin and Hobbes.

One word: LITERALLY.

-All images courtesy Flavorwire and artist Jennifer Lewis!

Which book is your favorite? Don't forget to check out all 12 right here!

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