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What's Your Strange Historical Name?

What's Your Strange Historical Name?

With all the crazy celebrity baby names in the news these days, it may seem like strange monikers are a fairly new trend. But that's far from the truth, as I discovered while researching my own family history. Forget Andrew and Catherine—odd names like Seaborn and Parmelia are scattered all over my local 1860s census, inspiring the latest name game. Follow the steps below to figure out your very own strange historical name!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the last TV channel you watched.

A&E: Kindred/Amos

ABC Family: Seaborn/Saphnana

ABC: Moncus/Luteera

AMC: Gallia/Mahalah

BBC America: Uriah/Armelia

BET: Cissana/Missanna

Bravo: Monk/Saphrana

Cartoon Network: Green/Dustamary

CBS: Tinsley/Rembrant

FOX: Jaspen/Elleander

CMT: Mastin/Malanta

CNN: Laduskey/Teanana

Comedy Central: Hancifsaus/Norcissa

Discovery Channel: Mosiah/Asemath

Disney Channel: Laske/Parmelia

ESPN: Kassnan/Udorah

Food Network: Garland/Indianna

FX: Zeddock/Atha

HBO: Chaney/Delpha

History Channel: Hamshall/Unity

Lifetime: Phaf/Parthena

MTV: Enoch/Rithm

National Geographic: Theophilus/Aquilla

NBC: Woodliff/Texas

Nickelodeon: Hamshall/Luteena

PBS: Greenwood/Belsana

Showtime: Williamson/Pamdaniel

Starz: Zachihius/Dardey

Syfy: Sevin/Osie

The Weather Channel: Louvinah/Nicy

TNT: Rodolphus/Orella

USA: Osborn/Palestine

VH1: Goodwin/Epsey

None/Can’t remember: Isham/Marindah

Other: Sampson/Salida

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your birth month.

January: Holloman/Hancifsa

February: Fleet/Cafsandrew

March: Newell/Treey

April: Charmick/Omelia

May: Woodville/Kissah

June: Tannesten/Keyman

July: Nimrod/Laduskey

August: Hollis/Honey

September: Josephus/Kiprah

October: Melvinah/Drucilla

November: Chanley/Jarline

December: Pinkney/Lugenia

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the day of the month in which your youngest sibling was born. (If you’re the youngest/only child, use your own birth date.)

1: Dossett

2: Torggant

3: Pendney

4: Mayo

5: Lorrdleur

6: Burgamy

7: Castleberry

8: Gafs

9: Peel

10: Bozeman

11: Tunnage

12: Tullis

13: Seath

14: Cinborn

15: Boatright

16: Sassen

17: Osteen

18: Doomas

19: Lanisfal

20: Cowart

21: Sapp

22: Mulkey

23: Barberee

24: Cato

25: Grubbs

26: Elhannon

27: Weeneen

28: Micholland

29: Blizzard

30: Meeks

31: Causey

Post by Sydney Scott, AKA Palestine Drucilla Osteen. What's your strange historical name?

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