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16 Signs You Need To Throw Out Your Bra

16 Signs You Need To Throw Out Your Bra

Bras are expensive! It's hard to come to terms with the fact that it might be time for one or more of your bras to RIP—Rest In Pieces. Read these clues to see if it's finally time to part ways with your favorite bra.

1. You use the underwire to unlock your door when you forget keys.

2. It doubles as a napkin, towel, and blanket.

3. You have no idea what its original color is. Blue? Black? Grey? Now it’s a tie-dyed mix of all three.

4. You have to wear a bra under your bra to feel fully supported.

5. The frayed lace on the outer cups makes the best scrubby for your dirty dishes.

6. Sometimes, it feels like you're wearing two shirts when it's just your bra and one shirt. You have to reassure your boobs, aloud, that you are in fact wearing a bra.

7. There's only one cup. No clue what happened to the other one.

8. No one would think twice if you hung it on your house as a flag. Because it's that FLAG-LIKE.

9. You can tell your boobs get depressed around it. Sad boobs = Soobs.

10. One soob hangs lower than the other in it but not without it.

11. It looks just like this 600-year-old Austrian bra.

12. You keep it on your bedside stand as a back scratcher.

13. There are no hooks on it. To wear it, you just tie it in a knot around your back.

14. It kind of resembles Swiss cheese.

15. Either it's getting stretched out, or your boobs shrink every time they see it coming.

16. Whenever you wear it, people compliment you on your awesome dress.

Have you thrown out your old bra yet?

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