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Quiz: What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

Quiz: What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

It's tough to know what you're going to be when you grow up, especially when all the good options like space pirate and super-sleuth only exist in comic books. Luckily for you, we've figured out what you're going to be for you—all you have to do is take this handy quiz!

1. You usually spend your free time...

a) Watching YouTube videos.

b) Re-organizing your room.

c) Reading horoscopes. They're fun and informative!

d) Examining the squirrels in your local park.

e) Biting your toenails.

2. Your favorite outfit is...

a) Jeans and a t-shirt (or sweats, if you can get away with it).

b) Your favorite comfy sweater, pants, and your thick-framed glasses.

c) Something dressy—you like to look your best!

d) Doesn't matter, as long as you get to wear that white trenchcoat you absolutely adore!

e) Favorite outfit? As in, you're supposed to have more than one? You've been wearing the same ratty clothes since last month.

3. When your best friend gets mad at you, it's usually because...

a) You just can't seem to shut up. Like, ever.

b) You're so into your latest book that you forgot to pay attention to her.

c) You predicted his death for, like, the 78th time this week.

d) You brought a rabid fox to class again.

e) You broke into her room and stole all her socks.

4. Your favorite class is...

a) Yearbook.

b) English class, duh.

c) Is Divination a class? No? Math, then.

d) Biology.

e) Detention.

5. For your birthday, you secretly want...

a) An iPad, or your own web domain.

b) A TARDIS-shaped bookshelf.

c) Life insurance. (What? It's practical!)

d) A trip to the zoo.

e) A lock of hair from each of your classmates.

6. Your favorite book in the library is...

a) Not technically a book, but you love the magazine rack.

b) One favorite? But you love ALL of them!

c) A Practical Guide to Predicting the Future.

d) The Encyclopedia of Animals.

e) You're not actually sure what a "book" is, but you do know it sounds unpleasant.

7. Your favorite food is...

a) Nutella. Or, when you're out, plain ol' chocolate sauce.

b) Anything, as long as none of your food is touching.

c) Tea leaves.

d) A nice, fresh salad.

e) Bologna, and lots of it.

Mostly A's: A blogger! You're on top of all the happenings on The Internets. You're pretty social, and you'd be great at a job where you get to do exactly what you're already doing: surfing the web when you're bored and sharing all your wacky opinions with your pals. You are a guru, and the internet needs you.

Mostly B's: A librarian! You enjoy reading so much, you'll make a career out of it. You love organization and would be perfectly happy to spend the rest of your days ordering and re-ordering all of your best friends: books.

Mostly C's: An actuary! People thinks it's a bit weird and morbid, but you love to think about the possible negative outcomes of every possible situation. It's...calming. After all, it's fun to predict the future! You're a math whiz, and even though you're a bit quirky, you're rather put-together when you want to be.

Mostly D's: A veterinarian! You have a heart for animals...even the weird (or deranged) ones. You can't help wondering what's going on in their peanut-sized brains, and you'd love to make it your life's work to study them. At least then you'd have an excuse for bringing all those stray cats home.

Mostly E's: The local creep! Technically, this isn't a job. But you're weird! (And not in the good, unique-individual type of way). Your strange and unsettling hobbies make you the perfect replacement for that guy who wanders around the neighborhood humming to himself and grinning creepily. We're not sure what he does, but we guess you'll find out.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

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