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Gym Teachers Wears the Same Outfit in His Yearbook Photo for 40 Years

Gym Teachers Wears the Same Outfit in His Yearbook Photo for 40 Years

File under: Teachers Who Are Doing it Right.

For literally 40 years, gym teacher Dale Irby wore the same exact outfit in his yearbook photo. As you know, gym teachers typically wear sweat pants and/or gym shorts and some sort of tee-shirt every day. Legend has it, upon Mr. I's second year of teaching, he realized he only had one outfit that was fit for yearbook photos: the one he wore the year before.

So, he begrudgingly wore it again. The next year, a colleague convinced Mr. Irby to wear it for a three-peat, and the legend was born.

Mr. Irby kept many things consistent over the years, but did manage to lose the 'stache and huge glasses (both of which are, ironically, back en vogue right now). To see the pics of Coach Irby, CLICK HERE.

We like to think if we were in high school for an extra 40 years—and subject to 40 more years of bad photography—we'd do the same thing. My school's photographer literally took everyone's pictures, every year, from kindergarten through junior year of high school (senior year we get those special, soft-focus photos). The photographer was a weird little man, with a funny accent, and enormous eyebrows. He would say, "BAHLAHREE! BAHLAHREE! SCHMILLLEEE."

I am pretty sure that 90% of my first-takes were me rolling my eyes.

Anyway, if I had been subject to another few decades of "BAHLAHREE, SCHMILLEE," I would certainly come up with some shenanagins. Such as dressing up as the photographer.

Do you have any extra cool teachers like this? What would you do if you were subject to any more year book photos than necessary?

[Via HappyPlace]

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