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Fun Summer Games You Totally Forgot About

Fun Summer Games You Totally Forgot About

Summer you gorgeous thing, come here let me look at you! Where have you been? It seems like it took forever for you to get here, so now that you are, lets reminisce. Otter pops, Slip 'n' Slides, Archie comic marathons, camp, grass stains, lightning bugs. These are just some of the things that make summer extra excellent when you're a kid. But as time passes, we forget how we used to celebrate summer, our activities morph from playing freeze tag to sunbathing on a towel and we lose our sense of wonder and unstoppable energy. We've been thinking of some of our favorite summer games that we haven't played since were like 8 years old, and it is such a shame. Let's revive them in summer 2013.

Flashlight Tag: A mix between hide and seek and lazer tag! High levels of anxiety and adrenaline, especially when that flashlight hits you in the face, (the light, not the actual flashlight) and you know you're IT.

Marco Polo: This game is hilarious to watch and to play, but stay in the shallow end of the pool because the giggles will inevitably happen, making it very hard to stay afloat, but also making it very easy to accidentally pee and swallow pool water at the same time.

Getting that thing at the bottom of the pool: Not sure if this game has an actual name, probably something like "Treasure Dive" or "Dive and Seek." Whatever. This requires serious swimming and breath holding chops. Good for kids who like to play alone and don't mind ear infections.

Ghosts in the Graveyard: Kind of a nighttime version of Sardines. It can be scary and fun, although if your friends have short attention spans you could be sort of forgotten about.

Ding Dong Ditch: You probably learned how to do this by tagging along with your older sibling because this is a Big Kids Game. Ding the door bell, ditch the door bell, hide and watch as the owner comes to the front door←but there's no one there!! Hours of fun.

Sprinkler Under A Trampoline: This is the ULTIMATE. This is the best idea anyone has ever thought of in terms of sprinkler-related outdoor activities. Place a powerful sprinkler under a trampoline and the possibilities are endless. Plus, a wet trampoline makes crazy noises and gorgeous water shapes and bounces you even higher. A+ times a million. (Note: We are not responsible for trampo-slips. Be careful!)

Quest: Basically what we used to call our version of extended make believe. You and your friends come up with imaginary world and adventures and every day you can pick up where you left off, making the summer one long epic alternate universe.

Fort Building: Obviously.

Candle Capture the Flag: Apparently this is a real thing, where you replace the flags with actual lit candles. This is so bananas and dangerous that we had to post it. Has anyone ever played this? Did your parents know? Was it the 1800s? We're so curious, but we don't recommend it.

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