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Forget Cat Bearding: It's Time for DIY Cat Costumes!

Forget Cat Bearding: It's Time for DIY Cat Costumes!

It may be full-on summertime, but that doesn't mean we get to spend each and every waking moment outside, frolicking in various sprinklers and gorging ourselves on orange popsicles. Because even in this magical time when our biggest problems include flip-flop tan lines, rainy days happen...and there's only so much Doctor Who available on Netflix Instant. To help pass the time during those rainy hours, we've come up with an amazing new activity for you: making DIY costumes for your cat! Why your cat? We could argue that you've tortured your younger siblings enough, or that making costumes for yourself is way too ambitious a feat during Pop-Ice season, but instead we'll keep it simple: because cats are hilarious. Here's how you can make them even funnier:

1. The Lady Gaga. It doesn't get much easier than this. Just cover your feline with cat-treats while she's sleeping—it's the meat dress reimagined! You may be tempted to loudly trumpet "PRRRRAA AH AH AH AH AH" in your best approximation of the opening of Bad Romance, but know that this will wake and terrify your Kitty Gaga, thus spoiling the entire effect.

2. The Kim Kat-dashian. For the not-so-crafty, this one requires less foundation and padding than you'd think. In fact, if you're really into anti-projects, we suggest skipping the costume altogether and just following your cat around and filming it while it does nothing. Hey-oh!

3. The Sherlock. If you can put a monocle on your cat, do it. (And then immediately create a YouTube tutorial on how you managed this feat, because the people of the internet need to know.) If you wish, eyeliner a pair of sexy, quizzical brows onto your now incredibly angry kitty. Once this is done, follow him as he slinks from room to room. Has he paused to lick himself? Now is the time for you to go, "However do you do it, Sherlock?" Because in this scenario, you are Watson. Just try not to make out with your cat. This will be difficult, because you'll be thinking of Benedict Cumberbatch.

4. The Real Housewife. Put a long blonde wig on your cat, and then prop her up on the sofa next to a wine glass filled with warm milk. Scream at your cat for being a hypocrite and a liar, send a text to your husband asking him to come pick you up, and then dump the milk on the floor and storm out. It's okay, you guys can make up at the reunion!

5. The Bird. Cut a tiny triangle beak and two larger triangle wings out of some construction paper. Using double-stick tape, apply to your cat as desired. Laugh at the fact that your cat is now a bird. Warning: Don't leave your cat-bird unattended. You'll find him an hour later, staring into a full-length mirror and having a full blown existential crisis as he tries to catch and eat himself.

What other costumes do you want to put on your confused cat? How else are you spending rainy days this summer?

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