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25 Responses to The Question "How Did You Break Your Arm?"

25 Responses to The Question "How Did You Break Your Arm?"

Unless your name is "Breakable, first name Un," there's a chance that at some point you're going to have to answer the question, "How did you break your arm?" The truth can sometimes be—what's the word we're looking for? Ah yes, snooze-riffic. People won't be riveted by the fact that you broke your arm while falling off a bunk bedddddddddddddddd—sorry, I nodded off while typing that sentence. That's how boring it was.

But never fear, we're here to add some excitement to your story! Here are 25 made-up answers for the people who question your cast:

25. "You can jump on a trampoline, or you can eat a delicious plate of spaghetti and meatballs, but apparently you can't do both simultaneously."

24. "Never place the finish line of a potato-sack race next to a cliff."

23. "I attempted to give a moving train a high five."

22. "Free advice: when a sign in a haunted house says 'Do Not Enter,' DO NOT ENTER."

21. "I fell off a donkey. What was I doing on a donkey, you ask? Better question: why weren't you on a donkey?"

20. "I tried to update my Facebook status while zip-lining."

19. "The buffoon who I was Freaky Fridaying with went rollerblading and fell into a garbage can."

18. "I took the term "slip and slide" a little too literally."

17. "I came in last place at the 3rd annual "Fastest Tree Climber" competition. But I did receive first place in the 1st annual 'Fastest Tree Faller' competition."

16. "If someone asks you to play a game of literal rock, paper, scissors, you better pray your opponent doesn't choose rock."

15. "Let's just say that Mary Poppins, as well as the inventor of umbrellas, will be receiving a strongly worded letter regarding false advertising."

14. "Someone asked me what the state capital of South Carolina was, so I jumped out a window."

13. "You don't become the best thumb wrestler in the state without breaking a few arms."

12. "It was a mishap of the see-saw variety. Apparently my partner was an amateur. He tried to saw while I was clearly seeing."


10. "It's called break dancing for a reason."

9. "Jim class. No, not gym class, Jim class. My friend Jim is an uncertified karate instructor."

8. "Never believe a treasure map you find in a Taco Bell restroom."

7. "By falling...head over heels in love with you. Oh, you're already in a relationship? Huh. Just kidding! I fell off the monkey bars."

6. "Being a secret member of The Avengers isn't easy."

5. "I dropped my granola bar in quicksand. Maybe I should have left it behind, but it was chocolate chip."

4. "If Batman wants the last slice of Hawaiian pizza, give Batman the last slice of Hawaiian pizza."

3. "I got a little too into my karaoke rendition of Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' last weekend."

2. "It's a funny story, starting out with the discovery that t I can't fly."

1. "My arm? It's a small price to pay, considering I survived The Hunger Games."

How did you respond to nosy questions about your last injury?

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