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Beliebers Beliebing a Touch Too Much

Beliebers Beliebing a Touch Too Much

If you are a die hard fan of Justin Bieber, Le Biebs, El Bieberino, Biebtown, Future Life Mate, Bard of My Soul, or if you call him by any of the above names, there is very little, nay, almost nothing he can do to lose your undying love for him. It would take a viscous crime on par with killing baby seals to make you question if his motives are anything but artful and pure. Oh, except apparently it would have to be something WAY worse than killing baby seals because there are some Beliebers who didn't even bat an eyelash when they heard he had his car tires made from the cutest baby animals on planet earth. (I DEFY YOU TO NAME ANYTHING CUTER THAN A BABY SEAL.) On a segment of Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News, a reporter came up with false, horrifying news tidbits about the Biebs to see how far his fans would go in defending him. It is simultaneously hilarious, mean, and groan-inducing.
The main aspect that's hilarious about this experiment is that the correspondent comes up with scenarios that are beyond ridiculous, and they get no reaction from his fans besides an apologetic shrug. It's possible that the first impulse these girls have is to throw themselves in front of the proverbial bus and say it was them who peed on the American flag, just to protect his baby soft public image, but instead they call him a "god" or a "king," and leave it at that.

But here's the problem with this whole idea. Getting teenage girls to say they think a cat butt-hole tattoo looks "cute," and "creative" has crossed the line into humiliation of fans we already know have a hard time thinking straight when it comes to Justin Bieber. It just kind of gives you an icky, "oh this is sort of mean" vibe. Either way, the whole video is bananas, as is that weird tank hoodie thing that one girl is wearing.

via Jezebel

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