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Tuesday is Blue-Do I have Synesthesia?

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 Tuesday is Blue-Do I have Synesthesia?

Inspired by Twirl_and_Dip_'s post on Synesthesia that I had recently discovered, I decided to investigate my own very,er, colorful tendencies.

Ever since I was little, Tuesday was blue. Wednesday was yellow. Thursday was a red color with orange mixed in and looked very...gross.

...Now I know where my deep hatred of Thursdays comes from.

But it wasn't just Weekdays-Colors and Letters had their own colors, too. For example, the letter A was this turquoise blue color, and the number four was purple. Heck, the weekdays even had their own shapes. (If you're wondering, Thursday was this huge ugly circle blob that seemed to try and dominate the rest of the weekdays. Stupid Thursday.)

But I thought this was normal-which led me to get really annoyed when someone would write words/weekdays in the wrong colors. (Are you kidding me? Wednesday is not blue!). I became terribly upset when someone would commit such a horrible crime of not writing in the right colors.

I never thought that I might have Synesthesia. In fact, I had heard about it before, and I hadn't thought that I could have it.

But Twirl_and_Dip_'s article had prompted me to research.

And find out that there was a type of Synesthesia called Grapheme -> Color synesthesia.

Which basically described my colorful tendencies.

But then I thought, Don't other people think this way too? I mean, come on, I'm pretty sure tons of other people did this too. Right? Right?!?!?

So the next day, I was on a mission-a mission to find out if others thought that Tuesday was blue, F was green, and 5 was yellow.

It started out innocently enough in Gym class-while standing in line to play kickball, I asked one of my friends if she thought of colors to go with the days of the week/numbers/letters.  She responded with a "No...letters are letters and numbers are numbers." Oh boy, this was going to be a long day.

I decided to ask another person I knew if they thought of the weekdays/numbers/letters with colors. This person stated "Not really, but Wednesday is blue." No, Crazy Person. Wednesday is Yellow. But I decided it was a good thing that at least they had a color for a weekday...even if it was the wrong one.

All Gym, I asked people. One said that they thought of the letter 'H' having a orange/brown color. Another said they thought that 'Friday' was red and black. Around lunch time, I was pretty much giving up all hope. I decided to ask a couple of table mates. The first one was weirded out, but the second one said "Yep. I used to do that all the time." Success!

This led me to keep questioning her. She told me that yes, 'Tuesday' was blue, but 'Friday' was green. (No! It's purple ) . She also told me that the number '14' was yellow and that '37' was green. (As I only associate colors with 0-9, the number fourteen was red & purple, while the number thirty-seven is green & purple-brown). She told me that she thought she did this because of the color blocks she used to have as a child.

This led me to think that maybe I associated colors with weekdays/numbers/letters was because of experiences I had as a little kid. Maybe A was turquoise-blue because that's my favorite color, and A is a letter in my name. Maybe Monday was a weird yellow-beige-brown color, because that was the color of the walls at the place my mom worked...

But that didn't make much sense. If we're going to base this off of experience, why was R Purple? And why was 6 the color of Monday (yellow-beige-brown). And why in the heavens was Saturday brown???

Then I thought, Maybe its because you associate the colors with something.

Ok, that could maybe work. For example Red=Power/Importance. The #1 is very important-it's the first number! Maybe Friday was Purple because Purple=Awesomeness and Friday is pretty awesome. And Saturday was brown because Brown=Nice, Homely, Comfort. Saturday was pretty comfortable...

But that didn't work for the others-Why would Tuesday be blue? Isn't blue a "sad" color?? Tuesday isn't particularly sad. And why would C be Hot Pink?? Isn't hot pink like, the color of Love or something???

That's it. I thought to myself. I'm testing this Shizzle once and for all!

So I looked online for a Synesthesia Test.

First result-The Synesthesia Battery!

This seemed to be a pretty reliable test site. So I decided to give it a try. I clicked on the link that said, "Not sure if you’re a synesthete? Click here to answer a few preview questions to find out!"

-Preview Questions-

Do numbers or letters cause you to have a color experience? Example: Does the letter J "mean" yellow to you? Or does "5" make you perceive purple?

Silly Battery! J "means" purple and 5 "means" yellow! duh!...Okay, yeah, I'm clicking this one.

Do weekdays and months have specific colors? Example: Does July always mean Navy Blue to you? Is Wednesday always orange?

How many times do I have to tell you people?!?? Wednesday.Is.YELLOW!!! Okay, I'm clicking this one, too.

Do you imagine or visualize weekdays, months and/or years as having a particular location in space around you? Example: Is September always located two feet in front of you to the left?

Nope...Unless you count the weekdays being blobs...and thinking that years were like colorful rainbows...I'm so messed up...

Does hearing a sound make you perceive a color? Example: Does a shrill car horn cause you to see the color green? Does C sharp make you see pink?


Do certain words trigger a taste in your mouth? Example: Does the name 'Derek' taste like earwax?

Ew! Nope.

Do you feel a sense of touch when you smell things? Example: Does the smell of coffee make you feel as though you are touching a cold glass surface?


We have described a few types of synesthesia. Many other unusual blendings of the senses have been reported. Do you suspect that you experience an unusual blending that other people do not have (other than the ones listed above)? These could include automatically hearing a sound when you see movement, or the sense of a shape being triggered by a taste, or experiencing a color when feeling pain.

Erm...No. At least I don't think so

After filling out the Preview Questions, I was told that it was possible for me to have Synesthesia and to register to find out more.


The Color-Letter/Number Test-> This test showed all letters/numbers in random order three times each. I got a score of 0.6. A score below 1 is considered synesthesia-ish.

The Color-Letter/Number Accuracy Test-> This test showed you different letters/numbers in different colors, asking you whether the colors of the letters/numbers matched your colors. If you're going to do this test right, don't do it like I did-trying to click as fast as possible. I know I made some mistakes, and that's probably why I got an 81% accuracy (85-100 is synesthesia-ish).

The Weekday Color Picker Test-> Pretty much the same as the Color-Letter/Number Test, but with weekdays. I got a 0.41. A score below 1 is considered synesthesia-ish.

The  Questionnaire-> This just basically asks a bunch of random questions about your synesthesia.

The Vividness-Imagery Test-> This one tests how good you are at imagining stuff-supposedly people with synesthesia are. I got a 4.56. Being above a 3 suggests that you can imagine stuff better than the general population

Last but not least: The Projector-Associator Test- This test tests whether you actually SEE the letters/numbers/weekdays  in color on like, actually paper, or that you know there's a color, you just don't see it. I got -2.8, which means that I'm an Associator. (Positive is Projector, and Negative is Associator).

So there you have it-I guess I have Synesthesia? World, here I come!

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