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Live From New York, it's Justin Bieber's Awkwardness!

Live From New York, it's Justin Bieber's Awkwardness!

...With musical guest CRINGE.

An unaired dress rehearsal sketch from the February 9th episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Justin Bieber, is making its way around the internet, and itpause for dramatic effectis amazing. The sketch is called "Song For Daddy" and stars Bill Hader and Justin Bieber as a father and son country music team. To borrow a phrase from Hader's alter ego Stefon, this sketch has EVERYTHING:

- A giant giraffe

- Justin Bieber wearing Incredible Hulk hands

- A kazoo

- A Dr. Seuss horn

- A man pouring milk into a drum

And hmm... what else? Oh, yeah: the set almost FALLING on Bieber!

That's right, this unaired sketch, which Hader referred to as "the greatest train wreck ever," almost flew entirely off the tracks when the set began to collapse on J-Biebs. You can watch the entire sketch, as well as commentary from Hader himself, here.

So what happened? We're no wall experts, but our best guess is a big, unruly wolf attempted to huff, then puff, and then blow the set down. Luckily, Bieber survived to brood another day.

Let's take a detailed look at this "unbeliebable" event:

1:05: Bieber squints and says, "Hey, pops." Everything's normal. Life as we know it continues to exist.

Threat level: 4

1:12: The stage begins to fall on Justin Bieber! Hey, STAGE, do you know who that is? You can attempt to collapse on Taylor Lautner, but not Justin "The Justin Bieber" Bieber. If he wore a belt, Justin Bieber would take it off and swing it at you.

Threat level: 500!

Bill Hader's reaction: "Oh, the stage almost fell on you, son. That would have sucked. That would have sucked big time."

1:26: A petrified Bieber meekly states, "It's not part of it." Is this the most professional way to handle a calamity during a sketch? No. Then again a STAGE almost fell on him, so all things considered I don't think he handled it all that poorly.

Bill Hader summed up Bieber's expression quite nicely in the commentary: "He's really scared right there. That is true fear on Justin Bieber's face. Yeah, he's scared. He is scared."

2:00: Bieber awkwardly attempts to make eye contact with the wall, as if to ask, "We cool, bro?" He's unfortunately unsuccessful, due to this specific wall, as well as all walls in general, lacking eyeballs.

Threat Level: Back to normal

We love everything about this sketch. It's wall-to-wall awkwardness from start to finish, and while Bieber certainly didn't do this sketch any favors, he didn't run away. Could this happen again? Doubtful. But "never say never."

Still, if you're keeping score at home:

Wall: 1. Bieber: 0. Hilarity: Infinity.

[via Crushable]

Was Bieber's fear totally understandable, or totally unprofessional? And is this, in fact, the greatest train wreck ever?

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