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Writer Wars Winner: "Rosie" by CrepuscularSnidget!

Congrats to CrepuscularSnidget!

Her heartbreaking short story tied for the Sparklers' Choice Award last week, earning 14 votes and an amazing illustrated slideshow of her winning submission! Click through to read her entry (HAVE YOUR KLEENEX AT THE READY), and remember: next week, your story might take top honors! So head on over to today's Writer Wars slideshow, check out the newest prompt, and start unleashing your genius!


Chelsea Dagger

PS. NEW DEVELOPMENT: From now on, you can submit a title for your short story! You don't have to, of course, but if you happen to win Sparklers' Choice and haven't included a title in your submision, I SHALL MAKE ONE UP FOR YOU. I'M SORRY, AND YOU'RE WELCOME.

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