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Quiz: Which Student Government Position Should You Run For Next Year?

Quiz: Which Student Government Position Should You Run For Next Year?

This fall, will you run for a student government or council position? Before you think "NO WAY" or start dusting off your markers and buying all the poster board at the office supply store, take this quiz to find out if any of the positions are right for you!

1. Which of these musical numbers is the most fitting to describe your personality?
a. "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" from Hello, Dolly!
b. "Money, Money, Money" from Mamma Mia!
c. "Don't Rain On My Parade" from Funny Girl
d. "Popular" from Wicked
e. "In My Own Little Corner" from Cinderella

2. Which of these are you the worst at?
a. having common sense
b. having fun
c. staying on top of your finances
d. organization
e. diplomacy

3. If you could do anything for your school, what would it be?
a. Get a stronger online presence
b. More fundraisers
c. More dances
d. Fridays off
e. More locker space

4. Which of these best describes you? ...Or at least, who you'd like to be?
a. The star of the school play
b. The one with the best car
c. The homecoming queen
d. The athletic hero
e. The valedictorian

5. Which of these seem like the best campaign tactics?
a. YouTube vlogs
b. Rallies in the parking lot
c. The most glamorous and catchy posters... all over the school
d. Empty promises
e. Candy

6. Envision yourself at a student government meeting. Which are you?
a. The diplomat
b. The realist a.k.a. the pessimist
c. The veteran
d. The optimist
e. The mouse

7. Which of these college majors appeal to you most?
a. Broadcast journalism
b. Economics and finance
c. Political science
d. Public relations
e. English literature

And the results!

If you got...

Mostly As: You social butterfly, you! You should be the Social Chairperson! You have an outstanding social media presence, you're great at public speaking, and writing speeches, and you have a genuine care for the recreational and social aspects of your school. Let people know you care about their fun, and you'll be golden!

Mostly Bs: Hello, Treasurer! You're money-oriented, and great at organizing. You're likely going to be the most responsible and logical of this group, and you should market yourself this way.

Mostly Cs: You should run for President. You've been in the student government your entire high school career, and now is your time to achieve the ultimate. You're passionate, driven, and envision a career in politics for yourself someday. As long as you're not a tyrant, this should be a fun and fulfilling next step for you.

Mostly Ds: You'd be a great Class Representative! You've never served on the student government but think it's a great opportunity to try something new. You're cheerful, school-spirited, and understand the general vibe of your peers and what they want. You don't have the rule the entire school, but you should represent!

Mostly Es: Hey-yo, future secretary in the house! If you're organized to a to a T, pay attention to detail, love charts and notes, then this is the job for you. Secretaries may not get all the glory (which is fine with you), but without them, the student government would be CHAOS. Boom!

Have you ever run for an SGA position?

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