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100 Ways to Have the Best Summer Ever

100 Ways to Have the Best Summer Ever

Summer is finally here! As a great man once said, "Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind." Here are 100 ways for you to make summer 2013 the BEST SUMMER EVER.

100. Visit an aquarium OR scuba dive. It's frowned upon to attempt both simultaneously.

99. Invite a crush to go berry picking. You can't spell crush without B-E-R-R-Y. Oh, would you look at that. You actually can. Very easily, too.

98. "The Cup Song." Learn it.

97. Attend a minor league baseball game. They're cheap, fun, and most of them sell robot ice cream, aka Dippin' Dots!

96. Smoothie Saturdays!

95. Put one of those Whatchamacallits in the refrigerator. Cold candy bars? YES.

94. Learn how to properly throw a Frisbee.

93. Form a summer kickball team and name it the "Old St. Kicks." Wear Santa hats.

92. Celebrate Halloween early by dressing up as a lifeguard and hanging out at the public pool every day.

91. Have a museum day.

90. Go hiking. Picturesque nature, mental clarity, adults with sunscreen goop on their nose: hiking's the perfect way to spend a summer day.

89. Use your arts and crafts skills to create homemade gifts; pass them out at a belated summer solstice party.

88. Nap early and nap often. "I'm not sleeping, mom; I'm visualizing the day's possibilities. With my eyes closed. While snoring.

87. Movie-themed slumber party one: Pitch Perfect.

86. Become a Youtube sensation.

85. Learn to whittle. Our sources tell us that wood is going to make a serious comeback in 2014.

84. Experiment with a new hairstyle.

83. Attempt to barter at a flea market. Flea markets are like a dirtier Wide West minus the constant threat of being challenged to a duel. Sentences like, "I'll trade you this Derek Jeter rookie card for that sheriff's badge and jar of marbles" are actually commonplace inside a flea market.

82. S'mores. I don't want to tell you how to live your life, but the answers to the world's greatest mysteries begin and end with s'mores.

81. Drive a bumper car. It's impossible not to have fun in a bumper car. Even when you're stuck in a corner spinning in circles, it's still an enjoyable experience. Unless you get motion sickness. Sigh. I'll get the hose.

80. Bury one of your friends in the sand. Tip: make sure they can still breathe.

79. Have a bowling night. Don't worry if you're no good—even a single-pin victory can be rewarded with a sarcastic slow clap.

78. Rope swing into a river.

77. Construct a Community-inspired pillow (or blanket) fort.

76. Add fortune cookie messages to your mother's meatloaf. Extra points if the fortune states: You will practice forgiveness when a loved one's attempt at humor ruins dinner.

75. Read ahead for your fall school assignments. *Thwap* Okay, which one of you wisenheimers threw a tomato at my head?

74. Attend as many carnivals as humanly possible.

73. I don't know what a "Calm Down Party" is, but it appears to be amazing.

72. Pancake Fridays! Not only are pancakes a delicious way to start the day, they're also the ideal size to hide in a misbehaving sibling's pillowcase.

71. Toast marshmallows. No campfire? Try the stovetop!

70. Exchange music playlists with a friend. Summertime's the perfect time to discover new tunes.

69. Catch up on some classic literature. Aren't you a little curious how Romeo and Juliet ends? It's probably happy, but you never know.

68. Throw a "candy poker night" party.

67. Water slide it UP as often as possible. Have you ever witnessed someone riding a water slide without smiling? Maybe you can be the first! It's worth a try.

66. Play with a puppy in a park.

65. Engage in an epic water balloon fight. Don't forget to dramatically declare, "You may have won the water balloon battle, but I shall win the water balloon WAR."

64. Movie-themed slumber party two: horror movie edition.

63. Read Jim Gaffigan's Dad is Fat. Here's an excerpt: "I like to think of naps as a nonverbal way of saying to life, 'I quit. I'm sitting this part of the day out.'"

62. Beat the heat with a 2013 summer movie. Man of Steel, World War Z, Despicable Me 2—so many summer movies, so little time.

61. Write your own future summer movie. Just make sure to give us free tickets when it opens.

60. Two words, one sound: waffle cone. YUM.

59. Find a pen pal. Not only will it be fun to learn about a new culture, but it's also fun to say: pen pal!

58. Recreate this photo.

57. Start training for the 2016 Summer Olympics, but don't you dare attempt to make the sailing team. That's all us. Quick question, how do you sail? Follow-up question, does anyone have a boat we can borrow?

56. Perpetrate a three-month prank wherein you slowly attempt to bamboozle your parents into believing that your house is haunted.

55. Visit an amusement park. The word "amusement" is in the title! You're bound to have fun!

54. Drink a super slushy, which is made entirely out of syrup.

53. Reconnect with an old friend or relative. No, Facebook friending does not count.

52. Go to the beach as often as possible.

51. Ride the fastest roller-coaster at the amusement park.

50. Go slow tubing down a river.

49. Create your own signature catchphrase.

48. BYO-book party in the park.

47. Watch Jeopardy with your parents and CRUSH them.

46. Watch every episode of a show you've never seen! Veronica Mars, Pretty Little Liars, Psych, summer's the perfect time to add a new show.

45. Movie-themed slumber party three: Harry Potter edition.

44. Camp out beneath the stars. What's more romantic than enjoying a cool summer night all cozied up in a sleeping bag with... *blarg!* A bug flew into my mouth! Bring bug spray. Lots of bug spray.

43. Convince your parents to celebrate Christmas in July. "C'mon Santa, I know you live in the North pole, but you need to get some sun on those legs!"

42. Play a round of $5 thrift store white elephant gift exchange with your friends.

41. Organize a flash mob! Adults will be like, "What the who, what, why is happening? Stop this tomfoolery at once! At once, I say!"

40. Play some miniature golf. It's like normal golf, only tinier and with more windmills.

39. Create a less ridiculous version of the classic "Summer Nights" video.

38. Organize a Harry Potter–themed flash mob. Code title: "Wizardry of Dance."

37. Surprise your parents with a homemade dinner.

36. Host a summer prom.

35. Host an AQUA summer prom. Who's going to the pool prom Saturday night?!

34. Enroll in a fun summer class! *ducks flying tomato*

33. Fall in love with your best friend.

32. Make your best friend fall in love with you.

31. Go one day without the Internet.

30. Teach an old person how to text message.

29. Do you want to be a writer? Then write. Do you want to bob for an apple? Then bob for an apple.

28. Catch up on your summer reading.

27. Write your own novel. Here are a few key words and phrases to help inspire your creativity: dragons, walking the plank, bees, an awkward penguin named Samuel.

26. Surprise a family member with a picnic. Watch out for ants and aunts, because they both love macaroni salad.

25. I know this sounds crazy, but town hall bingo is actually a lot of fun.

24. Master a carnival game. Will your crush be impressed by your new found Whac-A-Mole dominance? They will when you present them with this adorable little fella.

23. Attend a summer camp. Not only is it a fantastic way to meet new people, but you know what tends to happen at summer camp...

22. Play spin the bottle while attending summer camp.

21. Create a fun, summer-themed blog.

20. Milkshake Mondays! And don't forget about Milkshake Monday's cousin, Root Beer Float Wednesday.

19. Learn something new every day. For example, the record for most spoons balanced on a human face is 17.

18. Balance 18 spoons on your face.

17. Subscribe to the New York Times Word of the Day. Or, perhaps, you can subscribe to MY word of the day. Today's word is teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle.

16. Buy lemonade from a lemonade stand. If you don't have the money to buy a cup of lemonade, open a competing lemonade stand.

15. Become best friends with a celebrity. "Ah yes, I have a reservation for three. I believe you recognize my associates: Anna Kendrick and Emma Stone. No, you are mistaken. They are NOT poorly constructed cardboard cutouts."

14. Take a kayaking trip.

13. Make a little time in your life for fireworks. Literally and figuratively.

12. How about a little bit of THIS all day long?

11. Enjoy the weather! Go on a relaxing bike ride.

10. Inspired by the book Yes Man, say YES to every offerwithin reason, of coursethat comes your way for an entire week.

9. Learn a new skill. Summer's the perfect time to learn an instrument, practice your cooking, or figure out how to build a log cabin. We'll get you started. First step: logs. Second of Elmer's glue?

8. Do some volunteer work around your neighborhood.

7. Movie-themed slumber party four: Disney edition.

6. Organize a family BBQ.

5. "Seuss up" your favorite novel!

"The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day," remarked Gatsby with a wry smile. Gatsby hadn't quite been the same ever since he conversed with that peculiarly dressed cat earlier in the evening. "Everything alright, Jay?" I asked. "I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny, Old Sport," replied Gatsby. "Okay," I replied. Gatsby and I stood in silence for the next five minutes. It was awkward.

4. Find a summer crush. KISS that summer crush.

3. Need a new style? Summer's the perfect time for wardrobe experimentation. Anyone bold enough to pull off Vanessa Hudgens' daring "polar bear on the way to spin class" look?

2. Step one: create an app that translates awkwardness into confidence when talking to your crush. Step two: send us that app. Step three: $$$$.

1. Enter a pie-eating contest. Do you know what last place wins at a pie-eating contest? PIE.

Enjoy your summer!

What fun summer activities did we miss?

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