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Kim Kashardian and Kanye West's Baby Name Is NORTH

Kim Kashardian and Kanye West's Baby Name Is NORTH

After a few days spent spinning in circles as they searched their confuzzed souls for a baby name that would speak to their legacy, Kanye West and Kim Kashardian have settled on their daughter's official identifier: North—Nori for short, or North West in full. We applaud this perfect name—if she ever goes into the priesthood, Kim Jr. will become Cardinal North. And far be it for any of us to make fun of a name (some of us don't even make the Top 500 of baby names in this late epoch), especially anyone who lies to the Starbucks baristas when they order their chai lattes.

Kanye and Kim probably bounced around several different name ideas, discarding many along the way:

  • Up!
  • That Way!
  • Higher
  • Top of the World
  • Culturally Dominant
  • Magnetic North
  • Tru North
  • North Face
  • Northstar (with future sibling Aurora)
  • North America
  • Winterfell
  • One Direction
  • Top of the Compass
  • Bring a Raincoat

... any of which would make a fine first album title for little North when she hits the recording studio. On the crazy celebrity babyname scale, we would have to say North is only middling: Truly, it is no Pilot, Apple, Seven, Reignbeau, or Kyd.

And as far as asserting global/music/reality TV domination, North is hard to beat. Because in the scheme of human geography, North gets to sit on top of all the maps and at the top of the compass—it is ALWAYS NORTH O'CLOCK IN ORIENTEERING TIME! The good news that East, West and South are still available, so if John Mayer and Katy Perry were to have a kid and call it South West, we could have a showdown between Indie and Mainstream music in about 16 years.

What do you think of baby Kimmyanye's name? What would you call your future popstar?

[via ABC News]

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