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How Should You Reinvent Yourself This Summer?

How Should You Reinvent Yourself This Summer?

Summer is a time for big change... kind of. How should you evolve this season? Take this quiz to find out!

1. What was your biggest regret during the school year?
a. Getting bad grades when I know I could have done better.
b. Not paying attention to my appearance.
c. Getting in a few fights with friends over silly things.
d. Not making it to regionals with my (insert activity) group/team.

2. What's your favorite thing about the summer?
a. Less pressure from my parents about school.
b. I don't have to follow the dress code.
c. Vacation with my family.
d. Time to craft and make use of all my boards on Pinterest.

3. What's your favorite of these colors?
a. blue
b. red
c. yellow
d. green

4. Which of these is something you'd most likely be doing this summer?
a. Visiting college campuses
b. Reading fashion magazines by the pool
c. Working at the mall with friends
d. Summer camp

5.  Who is your favorite celebrity among these fine folk?
a. Anderson Cooper
b. Emma Watson
c. Jimmy Fallon
d. Martha Stewart

6. Which of these things do you wish you could be a teensy bit better at?
a. Finishing my required reading.
b. Blow-drying my hair.
c. Writing thank-you notes.
d. Making cake pops.

7. Which of these phrases do you wish someone would use to describe you?
a. Smart and witty
b. Beautiful and neat
c. Loyal and always there for me
d. Creative and talented

If you got...

Mostly As: You're going to turn into a smart cookie this summer. You really want to do better at academics, you really do, so you'll make some steps towards bettering yourself by getting a step on your summer assignments, if you have any. When you feel discouraged, enlist some of your brightest friends and family for encouragement.

Mostly Bs: You haven't always been happy with the way you look and there's no time like the present to start reinventing your style. So, Miss Glamazon 2013, check out some YouTube tutorials, strap on your beauty gloves, and have fun!

Mostly Cs: You're going to change into a better friend. Friendships don't come easily for you but you love people more than anything. The first steps toward this are loyalty and selflessness. And the best way to do that is to stop telling all your BFF's secrets, silly!

Mostly Ds: You love seeing others craft beautiful creations from moth balls and cotton swabs, but you've yet to master such feats yourself. Pick up some crafting advice from books in the DIY section of the bookstore or scour the Internet for some of the most innovative craft bloggers. Take baby steps and in no time you'll be the next Amy Sedaris!

Do you have plans for personal reinvention?

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