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Her 20 Hottest Looks: Taylor Swift Edition!

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Grammys won? INFINITY. Number-one singles written? A GABILLION. Dollar billz in the bank? I CANNOT COUNT THAT HIGH. Who are we talking about? Taylor Swift, of course (known by her close friends, aka ME, as T. Swizzle, Tay Sweezy. Swifty McNifty, and Taylorsaurus Rex). She's reigning queen of the pop-country scene, her hair looks like ACTUAL MONEY, and she's a legit triple threat, with dancing, singing, and acting skillz that make me barf with envy. Oh, and she's also got the hottest wardrobe on this continent (I would say "in the world," but that would be a lie, since Emma Watson's wardrobe is TO DIE FOR). Click through the slideshow to see 20 of her most uh-mazing looks, and then hit the comments to tell me which one is your fave!

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