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Here's a scintillating story for ya'll, Sparklers. Remember the ice cream pick-up lines? And how 99_heather_99 won a Friday Award for the witty quip of "Are you fried ice cream? 'Cuz you're impossibly hot."?

Got all that? Now, keep in mind that the other day my boyfriend starting reading the stuff that I write on SparkLife (INCLUDING SPOILER ALERT THE FRIDAY AWARDS). Knowing all that, I want you to take a WILD GUESS as to what romantic ice-cream-related words my boyfriend sexily whispered in my ear last night...

All together now: D'AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW (also: hi boyfriend!).

That's right, Friday Awards aren't just fun and games! These words can have power! And sometimes that power is the power of CUDDLES and CUTENESS. Read onward to see what kinds of power your words might have!

To keep with the romantic theme, we will begin with the High-Five of Respect award for the bold move suggested by Maddy1000 on the 50 ways to ask someone out post:

51) Steal his phone or his planner and write in a reminder to ask YOU out.

That sounds like a lot of fun! Respect to gutsy moves like that. If anyone tries it/has tried it, let us know how it goes! We're always curious to see  how things that work in rom-coms actually work in real life.

Next, we have an example of how much you can say in so few words in CanucksHockey's comment on The Worst Things Your Parents Can Do When They Meet Your Significant Other. This comment wins the Most Mental-Pain-to-Word Ratio award:

Three words: Tub baby videos.

O.0 Moving on before the emotional trauma becomes too great...

If your love life isn't working out too well for you, we still have the answer! NightOwlGirl14 wins the You've Got to Be Cruel to Be Clever award with this suggestion on the 100 Ways to Dump Your Guy post:

How 'bout. . .

You: Your ex is really attractive!

Them: . . . Which one?

You: Me. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

(Disclaimer: we do not actually recommend this.)

And finally, since I am feeling generous and fancy-free, here is a liberal smattering of LOL points for some worthy Sparklers!

ireboltStrike on Signs You're Sleep-Deprived:

You accidentally use mascara as lipgloss (true story...!)

you_are_in_charge_of_you on Fictional Characters You Should Definitely Invite To Your Birthday Party:

I'd invite Darth Vader and Iron Man and make them bob for apples.

TheTrojanTiger on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Baby's Name is North:

My brother knew a guy in high school named Mike Rotch. Read it out loud. North is an excellent option.

And then I've heard the guy who created the Lear Jet named his daughter Chanda. Chanda Lear.

Aaaaaaand that's all, folks! Have a fantabulous weekend, and don't forget that Friday Awards are only as good as you are clever!

Did we miss any Friday Award-worthy comments? Let us know below!

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