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Crack Open the Butterbeer: Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran Are Dating!

Crack Open the Butterbeer: Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran Are Dating!

What do you get when you cross Disneyworld and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? TRUE POPPY LOVE. This important bulletin comes to you as news has reached the Sparkshores that Rupert Grint's alter ego (Ed Sheeran) is dating Selena Gomez, a romance facilitated by all-around philanthropist, mansion-haver and nautical queen T-Swizzle. Here's the background: Selena was dating the Biebs, and Tay-Tay and Ed were making a music video together, but now all the pieces have come together in a babyfaced dream. And we have Taylor to thank! Like a good friend/Tommy Lee Jones, Swiz ran the go-between, passing notes until music history was made. Here's the likely contents of her note-couriering:

To: Ron
From: Tayter Tots

Hey Edmonton, I have a cute friend who says you should "Come and get it."
Whaddaya think?

To: Tayrantula
From: Ed

Hey Legs, who is this cutie? Tell her "U.N.I." should hang some time.

To: Ed
From: Tayke It Or Leave It

Hey Education, she'll be at my Lego House this weekend if you're around. BYO charm.

To: Swiffer
From: Edible Arrangements

Hey T, you're on. Fly her to my heart. BYO sandwiches.

We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but when Selena and Ed collaborate on the world-changing duet that they are destined to create, unicorns will fly out of drainpipes and rainbows will bloom across the earth and changerooms will cease to have downward lighting. It will be WONDERFUL. *Hat tip to Taylor.

Are you guys excited about potential heart-shaped music videos from Selena and Ed? Should we call them Seled?

[via Crushable]

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