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21 Things To Do On the Longest Day of the Year

21 Things To Do On the Longest Day of the Year

TOMORROW, June 21st, is the longest day of the year. Are you pumped? Are you totally prepared to have the longest day of fun ever? Here are 21 awesome things to do to celebrate:

1. Read outside until it's dark out.

2. Drive to an old-fashioned ice cream shop. Taste at least five flavors before ordering. Do it in a British accent.

3. Make your own snow cones. Here's how.

4. Make a sidewalk chalk masterpiece. (Inspiration: The Winter Solstice, for irony.)

5. Take a day trip with your BFF to a nearby town. Pretend your name is Arlow or Lux. You choose.

6. Guacamole contest picnic with your girl bros.


8. If it's too sweltering outside, have a movie or TV-on-DVD marathon. Bonus: Dress like you're running a marathon.

9. Go to the store, pick up as many popsicles as you can stand, and finally decide once and for all which is your favorite flavor.

10. Go to your local park and take up biking, skating, or tennis again. For at least an hour or two.


12. Ohhh! Volunteer at a dog adoption center. Sad pups need walks!

13. Swim laps all day.

14. Go to the beach! In this economy, it might be rubbing it in to build a sand castle. Build a modest single-family townhouse instead.

15. Go shopping for summer beauty essentials, including a good SPF, waterproof mascara, and some bronzer.

16. Make lemonade. Sell it outside. Don't be intimidated by the 6-year-old down the street.

17.  Prancercise.

18. Start a blog. Bonus: Start a vlog.

19. Try iced coffee for the first time.

20. Go to a farmer's market and learn how to pick out veggies. Get enough things to make a salad for your parents. They'll appreciate it.

21. Dye your hair a crazy color that's only acceptable during the summer. Ombre, perhaps?

Since this day is soooo long, see how many of these you can do in one 24-hour session and let us know in the comments!

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