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The First-Ever Organized Sparklife Dictionary.

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The First-Ever Organized Sparklife Dictionary.

For all you new sparklers that dont understand what all the terminology is that some sparklers use. Please let me know any new ones that I don't remember, It's been a long time and my memory isn't what it used to be. Also, I believe I may have some of these miscategorized.

Mankler (noun) a male user of sparknotes. very rare, often fought over by female users

Sparkler [a] (noun) female user of sparknotes Sparkler [b] (noun) general term for all users of sparknotes

Sparkveteran (noun) a sparkler who has been on the website for more than 3 years, also applied to those who were around during the first Open Threads

Splurker, anyone that does not comment, but reads what goes on.

OT (abbriviation) short for Open Thread.

awesomesauce (term) is another way to say awesome.

Supermegafoxyawesomehot (term) is an adjective to describe an attractive person.

viper (term) It means awesome also.

Sparkitor (noun) sparknotes editors, they put up posts and edit them {sometimes to extremes, which is being revolted against by the K.A.P.O.W. rebellion}

Splogger (noun) someone who sends in regular posts, this includes Dan Bergstein, Tan-Tantheladiesman, Scott-Free, and others.

Gary (person) the resident glitch in the commenting system that eats winkie smileys, and will bite off half a comment, or eat the entire thing. he also switches Comments around and confuses people.

Fred (person) what the Open Thread is called when there is no one on.

George (person) {now extinct} comments pages {he was killed in the crossover to the new commenting system.}

Rosie (person) Gary's Mother, she goes around upvoting comments to make up for her son's bad behavior of eating comments, smileys and biting of half a comment.

Sparkwar (noun) A "war" online in the OT where sparklers fight, using pokemon, bombs, cupcake cars, and every imaginable weapon out there (extinct?)

Friwards (noun) (extinct) A series on Sparklife that commemorated the best comments of the week. They were given every friday. After some time, they stopped, but were continued by the HADS, a committee of sparklers who reviewed the comments. After a while, they also stopped and started again, this time every Thursday/monday. They were replaced by the stars and crowns and badges.

Sparklife Academy (noun) A fictional academy where sparklers study. It has teachers including Chelsea Dagger, Auntie Sparknotes, and Dan Bergstein.

Sparklife Mars/Moon Colony (noun) A colony made when an old post included the hypothesis of sparklers being the ones sent to the moon/mars to survive the apocalypse and continue the human race.

Sparklife marriage (noun) (extinct) an old trend that included "marrying" another sparkler online in the OT.

BAM: (noun/action) to be the first one to comment. Victory is assured if you stay home sick one day. At one time it was popular to 'bam' the first and last comment of a page, before the pages commenting system was removed. 'Bamming' on palindromes and certain comment numbers or times of day still applies but it is no longer easy to preform, it takes a true master to do properly.

E-Cabbages (noun) Given as rewards or used to purchase items from other sparklers.

Writer Wars (noun) The event in which all participating sparklers storm their minds to think of a story to woo the hearts of the readers. If you do not get your story in within a day, you will likely not get much recognition

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