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New Mashup Words for Summer

New Mashup Words for Summer

While we certainly have it better than the Germans in terms of word mashups (“Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung” is their word for "speed limit"? Seriously?), we can’t rest on our laurels. Try these brand new words out while you’re “unwindulaxin” this summer:

“Smud.” You’re cruisin’ down the beach and wind up stepping in a delicious patch of sand and mud formed by the disgusting drainage pipe you failed to notice.

“Palgebra.” The complex series of equations involved in figuring out where and how your friends fall on your personal BFF hierarchy. If you get particularly skilled at this, you can move on to “Palculus.”

“Grandude.” You gotta love your grandfather with his constant demands for hugs and the money he’ll secretly slide your way, but sometimes he tries a little too hard to be “down with the kids today.” When he’s got his “World’s Greatest Grandpa” hat turned backwards and his shorts hangin’ low, he’s looking like a “grandude.” Similarly, when he starts trying to upload pictures and connecting with you online, he might be an “Instagrampa.”

“Snoize.” Sneezing is a perfectly normal bodily function, and unlike some others, is not generally a cause for embarrassment or horror when it happens in public. Nevertheless, we all know people who valiantly but unsuccessfully try to suppress their sneezes only to emit some kind of high pitched noise that fools no one and only makes people wonder who stepped on a mouse.

“Budastrophe.” Right up there with how one sock manages to escape from the dryer every time, the ways in which your earbuds contort themselves into webs a deranged spider could only dream of remains one of the great cosmic mysteries.

“Likeaholic.” If you or someone you know spends way too much time repeatedly refreshing their browser and obsessing over how many likes their posts and pictures receive, please seek professional help immediately. Similarly, if you’re freaking out because no one has posted a response to your witty post or awesome pic, you might be “Commentally  Ill.”

“Manjo.” When someone is trying really hard to rock a happy little stringed instrument as if they were Eddie Van Halen attacking an electric guitar, they are playing some mad “manjo.”  Pretty much every Mumford & Sons song ever.

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