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Inside The Head of Baby Kimye

Inside The Head of Baby Kimye

It's been mere days since Baby Kimye entered this world and, already, she's ready to share her innermost thoughts with the entire world, just like mommy! She's granted SparkLife an exclusive look inside her head at the first five thoughts she had as she entered this world:

1) "OH MY GOD! MY MOM'S A CYCLOP... Oh, wait, that's just a video camera."
2) "That trip down the birth canal was less restricting than some of mom's pregnancy outfits."
3) "Who's this man calling himself Yeezus? Is he my dad? Somebody needs to talk to him about his Messiah complex. I'd do it, but, you know, I don't talk yet."
4) "Ugh. They're going to give me a name that's supposed to start with a 'C' but they'll spell it with a 'K' to be 'original'. I just know it."
5) "The document they just stamped my footprint on looked less like a birth certificate and more like a 15-year contract with the E! network."

What do you think baby K is thinkin' about?

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