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100 Types of Siblings

100 Types of Siblings

Oh, the sibs. The spawn of thy spawners. This writer has six siblings and grew up in a homeschool commune where there were a bunch of families with more than six kids. This writer knows his siblings. So here's our 100 types of siblings.

1. The Please Tweeze (Your Eyebrows).

2. The Charles Wallace.

3. The Constantly Dressed as Batman.

4. The I Made Up My Own Superhero.

5. The One Who Says the Darndest Things.

6. The Aang.

7. The Sokka.

8. The One Who Watches the Same Movie Every Day.

9. The One Who Watches Veggietales Constantly.

10. The Shin-kicker.

11. The One Who Likes Chores.

12. The Vampire/Werewolf/He Just Bites You.

13. The More Popular Than You.

14. The Less Popular Than You, And Now You Feel Bad.

15. The Reader.

16. The Read-To-Me-er

17. The One That Wakes You Up at 7 On a Weekend.

18. The Parental Suckup.

19. The One Who Pretends You Don't Exist.

20. The One You Pretend Doesn't Exist.

21. The Boy Obsessed One.

22. The Alien Obsessed One.

23. The Worm Obsessed One.

24. The One Who Only Listens to Dubstep.

25. The One Who Only Listens to Metal.

26. The One Who Only Listens to Motown.

27. The One Who Only Listens to Music You Probably Haven't Heard Of, Like Motown.

28. The One Who Has "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" On Her Wall But Only Dances When Everybody's Watching.

29. The One Who Says Super Random Shiz.

30. The One Who Says "Shiz."

31. The Can't Locate Japan On a Map.

32. The Covers Her Room in Posters.

33. Sibling Number 33.

34. The Snitch.

35. The Creative One.

35. The "Percy The Prefect"

36. The One Who's Seen Every Movie

37. The One Who's Read Every Book

38. The Video Gamer

39. The One Who Tells Crazy Stories.

40. The One Who Likes Coffee, But Really Only Mochas.

41. The Ninja.

42. The Sneak Attack Belcher.

43. The Macauley Culkin.

44. The Skunk.

45. The OneDirectioner.

46. The Sneak Attack Slobberer.

47. The Never Outside.

48. The Never Inside.

49. The Conspiracy Theorist.

50. The Mad Scientist.

51. The Grammar Nazi.

52. The Constant Swordfighter.

53. The Baby Dropper.

54. The Dropped As A Baby.

55. The One From Another Planet.

56. The Lightsaber Wielder.

57. The Lord of the Rings Fanatic.

58. The Music Prodigy.

59. The One Who Always Steals Your Spot On the Couch.

60. The Jimmy Neutron.

61. The Only Listens to The Beatles.

62. The Only Listens to Pink Floyd.

63. The Movie Collector.

64. The One Who ALWAYS Wins, Even At Games of Chance.

65. Which goes with... The Monopolester.

66. The Tree Climber.

67. The Constant Ride Moocher.

68. The One That Can't Keep Gum in Her Mouth.

69. The You Could Say I Like Parkour.

70. The Skateboarder.

71. The Barbie Princess.

72. The Twilight Obsessor.

73. The Jedi.

74. The Dear Abby.

75. This One Doth Worship Netflix.

76. The One Who's Always Packed Days Before You.

77. The One Who Sings Disney.

78. The Flirts With Your Friends.

79. The Friends With Your Flirt.

80. The One Who's Madly in Love with Your Best Friend and Is Mad at You About It, for some reason.

81. The One Who Spills Mustard On Fingers.

82. The One Who Lays It On Too Thick.

83. The Toilet Clogger.

84. The One Who Pees in the Shower.

85. The One Can't Take His Eyes Off the Mirror.

86. The He's Younger Than You...WHY Is He Taller Than You?

87. The One That Won't Pee in the Ocean.

88. The One Who Pumps Flo Rida.

89. The 14 Years Old, Still Plays With Legos.

90. The I Can't Kill This Spider.

91. The One Who Wears Mismatching Socks.

92. The Leaves His Underwear Floating About.

93. The Leaves Her Bras Floating About.

94. The Artistic As Frick.

95. The One That Really Likes the Number 95.

96. The Happy Slappy.

97. The Incredible Sulk.

98. The One Who's So Cute When Angry.

99. The One Who Eats Play-Dough.

100. The One Who Eats Plato.

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