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What's Your Downton Abbey Name?

What's Your <i>Downton Abbey</i> Name?

Courtesy of BBC

When you watch Downton Abbey, you’re dropped right into the world of the Crawley family and their staff—a world of fancy 1920s fashion, changing social classes, and drama overload. And unless you're a super genius with a time machine, the closest you can get to living in that world is by figuring out your Downton Abbey name!

Position/Job: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite time period for costume dramas.

Ancient (300 and Troy): Valet/Lady’s maid

Medieval (A Knight’s Tale and Robin Hood): Footman/House maid

Renaissance/Elizabethan (Romeo and Juliet and The Other Boleyn Girl): Earl/Countess

Baroque (The Three Musketeers and The Crucible): Doctor/Nurse

Georgian /1700s to early 1800s (Pirates of the Caribbean and The Patriot): Chauffer

Regency/early 1800s (Pride and Prejudice and Les Misérables): Lawyer/Secretary

Victorian/mid- to late 1800s (Anna Karenina and Peter Pan): Soldier/Nurse

Edwardian/early 20th century (Titanic and The Greatest Game Ever Played): Lord/Lady

“I can’t decide!”: Journalist

None: Cook/Kitchen main

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite of the Dowager Countess's many one-liners.

“Why do you always have to pretend to be nicer that the rest of us?”: Matthew/Isobel

“First electricity, now telephones. Sometimes I feel as if I were living in an H.G. Wells novel.”: Thomas/Rosamund

“What is a week-end?”: Reginald/Violet

“Please don’t speak that man’s name. We are about to eat,”: William/Daisy

“I couldn’t have electricity in the house. I wouldn’t sleep a wink, all those vapors seeping about.”: Joseph/Elizabeth

“No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else’s house, especially someone they didn’t even know!”: Robert/Anna

“I have plenty of friends I don’t like.”: John/Cora

“Why does every day involve a fight with an American?”: Richard/Mary

“Well, we could always start with Mrs. Crawley and Lady Grantham.”: Philip/Sarah

“Oh, good. Let’s talk about money.”: Alfred/Beryl

“Really, Robert, you make me so annoyed.”: Edward/Edith

“One can’t go to pieces at the death of every foreigner.”: Henry/Elsie

“Heavens, what am I sitting in?”: George/Vera

“I must have said it wrong.”: Charles/Jane

“I’m old. Things may be different now.”: James/Gwen

“In these moments you can normally find an Italian who isn’t too picky.”: Albert/Evelyn

“I was right about my maid. She’s leaving to get married. How could she be so selfish?”: Patrick/Sybil

“We can’t have him assassinated… I suppose.”: Hugh/Ethel

“So put that in your pipe and smoke it.”: Anthony/Josephine

Other: Horace/Martha

None: Kieran/Georgianna

Last Name: Choose that name that corresponds to your favorite author from the 1920s.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Levinson

A. A. Milne: Barrow

Ernest Hemingway: Patmore

William Faulkner: Bates

L. Frank Baum: Smith

Edgar Rice Burroughs: Crawley

Agatha Christie: Hughes

Robert Frost: Parks

Sinclair Lewis: Branson

H. G. Wells: Painswick

Willa Cather: Carson

E. E. Cummings: O’Brien

Virginia Woolf: Mason

Joseph Conrad: Robinson

Herman Melville: Molseley

Other: Dawson

Post by Sydney Scott, AKA Nurse Jane Hughes

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