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Friday Awards, Father's Day Style!

Friday Awards, Father's Day Style!

Happy Friday, Sparklings! Don’t forget that this Sunday is Father’s Day, and one of the best gifts you can give your dear darling dad is to hug him, look into his eyes, and say “Father of mine, rejoice, for you have sired a Friampion*!” He will surely be overcome with emotion and unable to speak from the weight of such joy. But he’d probably like a card, too.

Now see below, my precious Sparklers, to see if YOU are one of the lucky few who get to give your Dad the gift of counting a mighty Friampion among his descendants.

Just_Miss_Bookworm94 wins the Sounds Like You GOUT A Problem There Award for her appropriately dad-themed comment on the post about what the internet can tell you about ear infections:

When we thought my dad had gout in his foot, I googled home remedies. Big mistake. One of them? Take a frozen fish filet, put it against the foot, wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap, then put a sock over it. Ummm, no?

The Best Awkward Revelation goes to TWO Sparklers for their shocking reveal of a shared romantic partner on the 100 Types of Boyfriends post:

lilyyum: You forgot the imaginary boyfriend! (That's mine!!)

NinJas_are_Mi: Mine too! He must be double-timing us.

Keep us updated on how that spicy situation plays out! I predict that next time, lilyyum and NinJas_are_Mi will discover that they were switched at birth.

The Important Decisions Deserve Time Award goes to DramaNerd5 for this comment on the What’s Your Supernatural Name? post:


We have an award for a comment found on the post dedicated to the lesser-known superheroes of Gotham. Most Bad-Ass Use of A Liberal Arts Education goes to Maddy1000 for this suggestion of a very unknown superhero:

Don't forget Wondering-Woman, the pensive philosopher who kills villains with her deep questions.

The Best Pointing Out Of A Typo Award goes to thebookworm13 for this comment on this post about literary love triangles:

"We take it for granted that Katniss chooses Gale." I think the Sparkeditors are in denial.

The Sorry, He’s Mine, ALL MINE I TELL YOU Award goes to Panda-Monium for this comment on the 100 Types of Crushes post:

I have a crush on Nick, not Schmidt. I mean he's hilarious, but Nick is so grumpy and hot with his stubble and crooked nose. I love him.

No hard feelings, k? LOVE YOU ALL.

*Before you hug him, super casually mention that a Friampion is someone who wins a Friday Award aka WINS AT LIFE.

Enjoy the weekend, Sparklers! May your comments live long and prosper.

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